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May 17, 2021
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How To Make Use Of Your Platform

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine who also doubles as an associate consultant for Success Africa, Ambrose Kibuuka, stated that “your current job is the best marketing platform you have”. Whereas it sounds simple, it is actually powerful. Since then, I have been preaching the same message.

Truth is, you have nowhere to hide. The world is watching. Even when you think you are fooling your boss who is not around at that particular moment, your colleagues are watching. Those same colleagues could be asked to recommend someone for a position. The question is, would they recommend you?

This principle goes beyond work. It applies everywhere. If you are at school, that is the platform to launch you to the next level.

If you have a client in front of you, that is your platform. If you are out on a date as a single lady or gentleman, that is your platform. This conversation I am having with you through this article is a platform. A platform can be used or misused. This means, it can open more doors for you or the same doors can be closed, depending on your performance or behavior.

The mindset shift needed is to think about whatever you are doing or any opportunity you have as a treasure. If you look at it that way, then you will pay extreme attention to maximize the space you are in.

Your challenge? Ask yourself about the kind of treasures you have in your life. Rate your performance on a scale of one to 10. If you are not at level nine or 10, commit to actions you will take to raise your game.

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