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May 31, 2021
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Agility Gives You An Edge

Last week I met a coaching client in a supermarket and we chatted for a bit about the new year and opportunities available. I asked what she was up to and she shared her new move in the banking industry. It is within an international bank with the same employer. In the last five years, she has held about three roles in different departments.

She later commented, “You see, I have to keep myself agile and dynamic because you don’t know what might happen. I do not want to be taken by surprise in case of any changes. I do not want to be like some people who are just fixated on one thing”. That’s an astute observation.

Changing landscape
Today, change is fast. In the same week, I met a management accountant and he told me how the industry of accounting will be turned upside down. We didn’t get into details because of time but the little I know is with technology and automation, accounting powers as we know it will change. Accountants who can do other things like sales, product development will become more valuable to organizations (they are, even right now) unlike someone who just does the routine numbers and balancing of books.

Reality is that most employers are small and medium organizations who may not afford specialists but would rather have generalists in the interim. Meaning, someone who can do the job of three or even four people. That’s not necessarily the most efficient but is the most practical for most organizations.
What does all this mean for you? Learn more, be open minded enough to explore new things, skills and opportunities. We are living in the age of agility.

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