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12th Anniversary: Coaching and Consulting Discount Celebration

our 12th wedding anniversary! As I write this, I am graced with a huge smile on my face and indescribable gratitude in my heart. Fact – family is a divine gift from God.

Only God could have blessed me with a beautiful, brilliant and amazing wife. I celebrate you Dear GOD. I celebrate you my honey pie! The card you see is from our 8 year old. One of the priceless blessings we have received over the last dozen years. Oh, we also have a 5 year old daughter.

Those two princesses are undeniable evidence of the romantic bliss and fun we have enjoyed over the years. They (the girls) put up a 3 minute memorable show for us which shall remain a treasured family secret. So, for the next one week, I will be celebrating anniversary week.

Why? Because after the wedding, you factor in honey moon…a minimum of a week to enjoy…I want to get close to our first week in marriage. By the way, after family, my second passion is transforming lives usually through coaching, consulting and training which I have been doing full time since September 2003.

And because of that… If you have been thinking about being coached by me, this is a good time to talk when I Am in fantastic moods because I have an anniversary discount which I can share with you after you have sent in your application.

Click the link below for details…


This is a limited-time offer because only applications which will come in this week will be considered for the special discount.

In case you know someone who might find this offer useful, then, kindly share. Blessings unto you.