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April 27, 2021
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May 31, 2021
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Keep Your Burdens Away

There is a senior government official who came to office this week to discuss matters related to his child that was handed to me to coach. The official kept time and I gave him a compliment to that regard. He responded that even in his work he does keep time. I inquired about his motivation to keep time and he stated that given that the people he deals with are typically in problems, the last thing he wants to do is add another problem to their list in form of his being late. I gave him a high five for that because that’s someone considerate and professional.

The lesson I picked is to pay attention and make sure that you are a blessing that adds value to people and not a burden. When you implement this principle, then, people will be looking forward to your presence and not running away. This is how you can apply this principle in your life.
Look at all the potential burdens or obstacles, which could come from your side. Then, make a decision once and for all that you will do whatever it takes to keep away your potential burdens that might stand in the way of people doing their best.

Secondly, set an intention to be a blessing wherever you are. That presupposes that you will be uplifting people and not blocking them.

Thirdly, be aware of how your actions or lack of taking action negatively impacts people around you. Then, such an awareness will enable you to make the correct decisions.

Imagine what your impact could be if you eliminated the possibility of being burdensome and instead you became a blessing in motion.

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