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What Are You Giving Out?

What are you giving out

What are you giving out

Let me ask you a quick question…

What are you giving out to the world?

The reason I Am asking you that question is this…

Whatever you are giving out is what you will get back multiplied. This is not an idea. It’s not an opinion. It’s LAW.

I mean as in the law of life.

Use the lens of the farmer when it comes to your thoughts, feelings and actions

When a farmer plants a bean, he/she expects to get a bunch of beans
When a seed of maize is planted, a bunch of maize is expected
Not cassava
Not sweet potatoes
Unless that’s what was planted

You can only harvest what you planted. It’s the law.

So, look at the universe or the world as your ‘garden’. Only that you won’t be planting seeds per say but your
in reference to yourself, others and the world.

Only ‘plant’ that which you wish to harvest in your own life. I leave the rest to your imagination what that means and implies.

God bless you forever!