5 Secrets To Dealing With Disappointments
5 Secrets To Dealing With Disappointments
April 9, 2024
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Sales and Marketing Opportunity

Are you passionate (or know someone who is) about selling and marketing coaching, information, consulting and training services, then, read (or kindly share) this special but time-limited opportunity…

If you have ever struggled to sell and market, you are not alone. Many rely on hope, and trial and error methods that never work. The outcome is a bunch of frustrating results.

The consequence?
Wasted time and effort
Wasted money and other resources
Poor engagement of prospects
Lost opportunities
Lost hopes and dreams

Luckily, I came across someone who is a master of sales and marketing. He has been generating over $10 million US dollars or more in revenue per year for the last several years

Those who have used his methods and strategies have seen their sales and marketing efforts multiply and post amazing results overnight

As such I decided to buy a virtual ticket to attend his upcoming online training program which will run from 17th – 19th April 2024. Part of the package is a series of pre-training recorded materials on the same subject. I have started going through them and the quality is epic.

Other participants who have had the rare privilege to access such content paid a total of over $10,000. Why Am I sharing this with you?
Well, I decided to buy an extra ticket at $997 which I will give to one lucky person to access the same level of training I am going to go through

This is what you get with a virtual ticket
Pre-training materials that others have paid over $10,000 for before 3 days of virtual training (8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time) – please note this is US time zone and as such if you are Ugandan like me, then you will be attending throughout the night

Certification after completion of the training
Lifetime access to the recordings of the training event after 14 days

What I know is that by the end of the event, you will be equipped with world-class sales and marketing skill sets.

Your persuasion abilities will skyrocket

The type of person I Am looking for to gift a ticket?
You have to be a fan of my work (if you have previously invested in my coaching services or information products, that will be an added advantage)
You have to commit to investing some time every day to sell and market my coaching, speaking services (under my personal brand) and also Success Africa’s human resource consulting and training services (www.Success-Africa.com)

You have to be a go-getter and a hustler
Passionate about learning, growing and implementing the lessons in your personal and professional life

Terms and Conditions

After the training, our engagement with you will be purely commission-based (10% of revenue) from the sales generated.
You will work virtually
The values we stand for
Please take note of the values (L.E.G.I.T) that we stand for at Success Africa. Only apply if they resonate with you
(Love of God, Excellence, Grit, Integrity and Teamwork)

The big advantage
Not only will you learn a skill, but you will have immediate and relevant products and services where you can practice what you would have learned and also earn in the process

Picture this…
You learn
You practice
You earn

You learn more
You practice more
You earn more

Repeat, grow and earn from your new skill and experience for the rest of your life. And by the law of compounding, the returns keep getting better and better Priceless.

That’s why I want only serious applicants who are in for the long haul (meaning if we are a good match, we can work together for a long time) and can see the priceless value of this and not “let me check this out” mentality types.

If you dream of levelling up your sales and marketing skills, then, this could be a life and career-changing opportunity.

If this is of interest to you, then click the link below to apply… https://ethanmusolini.com/sales-and-marketing-application-form

Application Deadline: 28th April 2024

You are also welcome to share this with someone you know who could be a great fit.