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August 15, 2018
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The R……..formula for success

one day in 2004 I was going for lunch with a friend (Less call him Mr. X). We were talking about how some people are full of excuses and how they do not focus on delivering results. He said to me as matter of fact that he has to adopt a tough stance having been aware of the antics of most people. For example,…

Even when someone has had a big challenge as big as losing a family member, he will say sorry and then later ask:” where is my report?”

His thought process is that “yes you had challenges but still you are expected to deliver”. Full stop

At first felt like the guy was heartless. Upon further reflection, I thought to myself that maybe he has a point when looked at objectively.

The lesson I learn from that experience is to separate emotions from actual results. In the end, the world looks at what you produced and not necessarily how many problems or obstacles you went through.

Besides, the guy is a performer. Who am I to argue? The results speak for themselves and he has been engaged in high profile jobs across the African continent.

And that’s the core “R… formula” for success – RESULTS.

But now the question …what are results?

Simply put, it’s about producing a desired outcome.

Why are results important
  • They are what sets you apart from the crowd
  • You become valuable wherever you are working from which is ag great thing
  • Your personal brand is enhanced immeasurably
  • In essence, it’s the ultimate formula for success
How can you deliver results?
  • Whatever it takes mentality. I was watching a series by Grant Cardone. The title is “whatever it takes” what a fitting title. That’s what life calls for. When you engage at that level, results are bound to happen
  • Set goals and know what you want because you brain is always looking for something to aim at. That’s what will move you forward.
  • Find a routine in that if you implement on a regular basis you are guaranteed to win.
  • Get accountability for someone to keep tabs on you because you may end up not delivering if you leave everything up in the air – or in this case upon your self-motivation
  • Visualize success. See yourself accomplishing the task before you begin. That’s what athletes do before they set off for the famous sprint or run. Science shows that when you visualize, you dramatically increase your performance levels and that’s what you want, isn’t it?
  • Celebrate whenever you produce a positive result because this will motivate you to create even more in your life, career or business.
  • Find out from your research who has produced the results you desire, figure out their strategy and implement it in your life and you will dramatically increase your chances for success too.

If not delivered?

  • Apologize and make new promise. Do not get into excuses format.
  • Discover lessons and commit to implement them next time
  • Implement new lessons in your life/work/business in order to produce the desired outcomes
What’s my challenge to you?

Choose and commit to be known as a results-oriented person and all it takes is to follow the formula above and you are in.

One quick story I will leave with you…

I have been in the process of hiring staff for a business I am starting and guess who am looking for…a results-oriented person…that’s life.

What will you do differently to produce greater results? What else? How can you commit yourself to produce bigger and better results? Which strategy from what I have mentioned are you going to use in order to produce the desired result?

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