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September 24, 2019
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5 Reason Why You Are Not Creating The Results You Desire And How To Fix The Challenge

One day, I was having a session with a coaching client who started telling me all the reasons why she had not achieved one of the goals we had agreed upon. Typically, a coaching client promises what they will achieve and then, I ask them about the results when we meet during the following week. This typically creates tremendous results. But for some reason, she achieved the rest of the goals apart from this one thing. Why? Because of excuses. And excuses do not add value to your life.

What happens when there are no results?

You feel a sense of inadequacy. You might even feel guilty which is never a good feeling


 Why are we talking about this?

Ever failed to produce a desired result?

Then, it’s reality worth talking about because in the end, you truly deserve to produce the desired results.

5 reasons behind sometimes not producing the desired results?

  1. Giving excuses is the number one reason. Some people call it stories. In the end, it’s anything you come up with to explain why something couldn’t be done. But remember, reasons do not count, results do.
  2. No clear goal of where you are going will leave you meandering around from one place to another. In the end you are jumping from one place to another without any concrete product.
  3. You may have a goal but if you have no plan on how to achieve your outcome, then, you will be left in wish-land and no results to talk about. Anything big worth talking about has a concrete plan behind it.
  4. No follow through strategy. You may have the plan, but do you know how you will follow through to the very end? Because I bet you have had moments where you started strong but didn’t finish the race. Partly because of lack of follow through.
  5. No accountability means you may never be able to push yourself to the maximum to get the best out of yourself and as such you will be left short.

What if you stay in no results zone?

Treat it as an emergency to find a solution because staying in that zone is frustrating.

How do you fix the challenge?

Do the opposite I have highlighted as to what stops you from creating results and you will succeed and produce much better results

Let me end this by highlighting something that caught my attention. One of my clients has been struggling to produce results but then decided ever so smartly to show up for a coaching session. One of the tasks I gave her was to challenge herself to so do something bigger and better than she had ever done before. Result?

Within 24 hours, I received a message from her saying “I know it’s not yet our next session but I couldn’t help myself because am so excited. I pushed myself and I am seeing results” she commented and I could tell the energy which was filled in the message was brimming with excitement.



How will you change your life’s story from little to no results to amazing results?

How else will you push yourself to change the kind of results you are producing at the moment?

Who can you bring on board to keep you accountable?

What can you do as a strategy to emerge as a winner no matter what?

Who else is in your corner?

Who will you hire as your coach to enable you develop a better and more powerful mindset while keeping you accountable to produce great results?


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