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June 26, 2020
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How To Stay Positive

Today lets share knowledge on what it takes to be positive amidst these challenging times due to COVID 19/ Corona Virus. Its quite unfortunate that most of us, our business; spiritually, financially among others is no longer operating normally. However, to give you courage I remember, 20 years ago I read a book by Robert Schuler, and to quote him, he said, “Tough times never last but tough people do”.

What I picked from that is there are precedented tough times never experienced before. At least I was there during the 2008 crisis. This teaches us that there is something challenging human spirit. For over 1000s of years each generation has gone through tough times, but good enough, somehow somewhere the human spirit still emerges. This shows us through God, the unlimited capacity in our creativity, resilience, and innovations regardless of whats going on.
This is what you and I have to focus on and find out how we keep progress regardless of what’s happening, which actually starts with the mindset. One of the biggest resources that you and I have apparently no matter the lockdown and business crisis, is that your mind should still have control over it. The mind is quite a unique blessing we as humans have, unlike other creatures. So in a nutshell, how can you keep positiveness in life and progress amidst Corona Virus pandemic.

Celebrate Life as a Gift

Remember to celebrate the gift of life. I recall back then when I was young, for some reason a seed of belief was inculcated in my mind. I always believed that my future would be better no matter what. Yet, while growing up, the biggest asset in our family was a bicycle. Even though rich people rode by us in good looking cars, I never envied them at all. All I knew was that one day I will have my own too which is now no longer a dream but history.
To relate the story, I always knew that for so long as I stay alive and healthy, one-day things will be better. In the same way, for so long as you are alive, it means tomorrow could be better. So it starts with you celebrating the gift of life. Even though you could be not felt well now – health-wise, just be hopeful of feeling better probably in the next hour or day. Research has it on record that hope heals. To celebrate the gift of life with a hopeful attitude of things getting better by day, that alone will immensely keep you going.

Explore your potentiality

Think of, what can you do? Think of what’s possible within your powers. For example, under lockdown, I can not move to meet my clients, can’t host events for now and I thought much about what can I do now regards my business to serve my audience. Here I am, sharing with you knowledge and wisdom which is at least possible within my power no matter the hindering circumstances due to coronavirus pandemic measures implemented.

It also means reaching out with what you have at hand. If you know the biblical story of Moses. He had to lead Israelites from Egypt through the Red Sea where their journey was hindered hence he cried out for God’s help. God’s question was not what do you lack or what are you struggling with. God’s question was, “What do you have?” In that case, the stick which had was used to facilitate their progress. So my question to you is, what do you have with you, in your hands or access to right now? Moses could have complained about not having a yacht or an aeroplane. But what to think off and focus on is, what do you have? It could be what’s within your powers, what you can do, and the skills you have. You could write articles, if you are in the village you could go dig, do social hygienic operations among others as per what you have or can do.

Talking about what’s next, is that you would rather look at resources around you than what you are lacking. Though alot is on halt, you at least still have some resources around you. It’s just about you identifying it. Then ask yourself how you can utilize it.

Read positive literature

Watch videos, listen to audios, and read lots of positive books. It’s so easy to be drowned into the negative drama that will, in the end, cost you alot among others, energy and happiness. I urge you to figure out literature that will keep your positive level high. Then utilize it applying what is learnt from it. Feed on that so your mind is fueled enough always to identify for you thoughtful ideas of projects to start working on and keep yourself busy rather than lousy.

And just at each one moment find out something to be grateful for always. Among others; having breakfast, clients like you that follow my service, free fresh breath every other second from God, being able to speak or do anything. I believe that when we are grateful for the things we have, it makes us feel alive again hence gratifying life.

Think of solutions

Always think about how you can turn the situation around and make it better. How can I go about this challenge? What’s available to facilitate me to overcome or ease up the situation? It could be also challenging to identify solutions, however, if you keep thinking deep with curiosity, you finally get an answer. Because there is no challenge that will ever exist if it has no solution. Everything has a solution.

Well, all I want is you to be positive in the belief that things are getting better by day. You as well have to keep practicing health guidelines; keeping the social distance of at least 4 meters, washing and sanitizing hands always, avoid touching internal opening body parts, keep hygiene, feeding on a good diet, staying home and safe, reporting any suspected health cases among others.

Thanks for reading through to the end, if you learnt and liked something, please share it with friends to encourage them.
I would love to see your comments on other ways to keep ourselves positive and also about what you want me to talk about next time.

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