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June 26, 2020
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June 26, 2020
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How To Start Your Day Right?

Today I want to keep it sharp and short again. A couple of months ago I did a live stream where I was talking about, why and how to start your day right? Yesterday, I was not happy with one of my stuff members and it was late evening and I was a bit agitated to be honest about something. Then I remembered that this is not a good way to end the evening. It’s not a good way to end the night.
I remembered that if I was to sleep with that agitation then; 1. I wouldn’t sleep well, 2. I wouldn’t wake up the following day, which is today feeling well. So I had to figure out a way to release that agitation.
So the core here is to remind yourself that how you end your day is really important because then it will inform how you sleep and how you wake up the following day.

Below are some of the insights to help you:

Follow your journal

You must be having Journal to reflect on your day. Always follow it to remind yourself grate things you are proud of in life.

Be Appreciative

Reflect on the things you are grateful for. At the end of the day, what are you happy about? What have you achieved that you are happy about because when you sleep or when you go to bed thinking about the good things of that day, it will fill you with emotions that will go through your body? Trust me you will have a healing effect and you will sleep better.

Set Goals for next day

The third thing you can do is to set goals for the following day. What do you want to achieve the following day? Because then, for me I knew what I want to achieve this morning, one of those was to do this blog for you and which I have achieved. As such I have already done the second activity I wanted to do this morning and I am happy about that. So when you clarify the goals you want, it also helps you end the day on a good note.


The other thing I always do is to pray with my family. You may not be having a family. You could be staying alone. Yeah, prayer helps alot because then you have to tap into the spiritual essence to reconnect with your creator. It helps alot as you end your day so that you end it on a good note. You have to start on a spiritual note and end on a spiritual note.

Alright, when you do those things that I have just shared with you, then you will notice a couple of things happening, in that you will sleep better, you wake up the following day feeling better and as such you will increase your chances of success.

I would love to know, for you, what are those things you do to end your day better?

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Till then, stay healthy, stay strong, stay powerful, keep dreaming, and keep moving, God bless.