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Getting Up And Just Going
June 26, 2020
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June 26, 2020
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How To Boost Your Immunity

Previously earlier this week I made a post and I streamed something around boosting your immunity. People were asking, Ok can you do more stuff around that particular issue of boosting your immunity especially given in the challenging times due to Corona Virus/COVID 19.

So I was reflecting and I discovered that given my expertise is around boosting performance in different aspects of life, career, and business. This is something I always advise my private coaching clients. This is a question that is very pertinent.
I do motivational speaking, life, and career, business coaching plus human resource training, and consulting.

So there are quick tips I want to give you really snappy, apply them and you will notice health difference. Remember, it’s noted around the world ever since the break out of Corona Virus Pandemic, a number of once positively infected people, have cured from coronavirus some without any serious medical treatment but just because of their strong immunity system in the human body. Therefore, below are a few basics applicable by almost anyone to boost the immunity and remain healthy, alive and kicking;


This first tip for you is the good old exercise. Because when you are exercising you pump oxygen in your system. Your body gets active and moving. You will release toxins from your system and that way the immunity is able to be boosted instantly. You know there is what they call the lymphatic system. When you pump it up, the oxygen is not only able to release those toxins from your body, but also makes you feel good and if you feel good, guess what, the whole system gets more better and more powerful.
When you are exercising though, there are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to. There is aerobic exercise, you have got to pump your oxygen up and then strengthening exercises like push-ups, or if you have something better that you can play with the better.

Then there is the flexibility, the stretching and my recommendation does not overstretch yourself when you are starting if you haven’t been working out for the last couple of months. If you go for a full hour of working out non stop, then you will send a lot of lactic acid in your body and then the muscles will ache a lot. Take it to step by step. If you started 5 minutes today, then 10 minutes tomorrow and then 15 minutes next week, and then the other week you add another 5 minutes.

So over time if you do it incrementally, then your body will get used to overtime in a smoother way. Rather than shocking it all of a sudden and then getting discouraged. So take it to step by step and just make sure you do something to pump oxygen up. You can do something like aerobics. You can jump around, get a skipping rope. If you don’t have a skipping rope, you can imagine you have one and then you are swinging your arms around. Jump up and down. That will get your heart rate up and moving, something that will strengthen your body and of course stretch.

Have some fun

The other second way that I would encourage you to pay attention to what I learned from my couch a couple of years ago is have some fun. Play. When you play, when you have fun, then your mind gets off the worries and concerns and the stresses and strains. And when you do not overtask the system, I mean your body, your mind, your soul, or your spirit with all these worries, then the body gets a chance to relax. When it relaxes, then automatically immunity benefits from that moment. So just play. You play around. Play with your children if you have, if you don’t have, do certain things, run around the house, play some music, dance, if you have some data watch some comedy clips to make you laugh. So just find that thing that makes you have some fun. If you are worried about for example going out and you don’t want to go out, guess what, you can run around the house. If you don’t have a private home or place and you are worried maybe people who are walking would see me, who cares?

Even if you are in a crammed up place. There are many people who are renting the same place. I mean I have ever leaved in such a place before. It’s okay. Just run back and forth even if its 20 meters. Just jog in that distance with energy. You can even do exercises from one place, just run… not really running but raise your knees high and then that way even in just a very tiny space you will be able to exercise either inside the house or even outside and outside is even better because you will be using a lot of oxygen. That’s one quick tip for you around exercising in case you are wondering and saying okay I don’t want to go out. All that I understand.

Visualize on day’s good deeds.

Then the third tip I have for you is as you are going to sleep I want you to replay in your mind the things you were happy about, the things you were grateful for and you know also it is very easy to just look at what didn’t work right. So for example, I have a friend who does day trading. He is an excellent day trader and people give him money promising a return and he has been doing very well. He is very consistent. Every day at least I know he makes a profit. So I was asking him about the day and he was like “Aaah there was nothing good at all in the market today.” So I said “how much money did you make? He said, “I made only 33 dollars.” I said look, yes the market was bad, fine. Actually it was more than 33 dollars. It must have been about 56 dollars. So he was like there was nothing good at all in the market today and the reason was because he typically makes much more money than that in a day. So I said look, “really, there was nothing good at all?” She said, “yeah it was bad.” I said “no, listen, you made a profit at least you didn’t loose the money, you didn’t loose any money,
‘ fine he had some loosing in trade but the most trades were much profitable. So you made more profit than a loss by the end of the day your portfolio or your equity is in the positives. So I said, “look, you said there was nothing positive at all in the market, it’s like mocking God. At least there was something, just say it wasn’t as exciting as typically it is. That way I will agree. But to say there was nothing at all, no that was wrong.”

So why am I putting this point across? So what I was helping that friend to shift is the mindset. Because if he had slept overnight with that mindset, the market was bad, that anger, that stress, and strain,’ that again overloads the system. But when you focus on what went well, what made you smile, what you are happy with, by the time you sleep you are sending endorphins in your system. You are sending in positive emotions and then by the time you sleep, so it’s like you are sending, pumping your body with those chemicals that will help you sleep better and when you sleep better on a good note, on a positive note then you will wake up in the morning energized.

But if you sleep with negative emotions, feeling bad and all that, then you wake up again on a low side end of things. So I would encourage you before you go to sleep, visualize, think about things that went well, express gratitude.
So the way you end the day and start the will set up the pace and when you wake up the following morning do the same thing technique. Just focus on things that you are happy about such that you are able to pump your system up.

Well, those three tips may seem counter-intuitive but it is the simple things that make a big difference within your life career or your business. That’s how life works my friend.

Leave your comments below. What are some of the simple ways do you do yourself to boost your immunity? I would love to know, what do you want me to talk about next time, maybe even tomorrow. What is challenging you at the moment especially these times? What do you want me to give you reflections on? So if you want to learn more about different ways I can help you, you can go to

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Boost your immunity, boost your dreams, boost your life and I will talk to you soon.

Alright, go forth my friend, I believe in you, I love you and conquer the world.