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October 4, 2019
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Getting Up And Just Going

Getting up and just going

Getting up and just going

Today, I want to share with you the concept of getting up and just going. In today’s tip, I was reminded of a thought that “you don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.” What I picked from one of my earlier teachers was the concept of not overthinking something, not being too deliberate, but you just get up and get going.

Right time never arrives
I will give you part of an example, this morning, I was like, “what should I do? What should I talk about?” I even thought of postponing, like, “its okay, tomorrow, when you feel like at your very best.” And you know what, that’s always a trap. Sometimes I have been affected by such traps but now I know them and how to handle such distracting traps. And you know what, by me just saying, “you know what, I am going in though I don’t feel like doing it, let me just start clicking and then boom it became content.”
That’s what happens occasionally and we tend to ignore our ‘at moment’ tasks for comfort, but you see by me taking the action, am reaching out to you. If I had over deliberated and had not decided to get going and to get up and move, then this wouldn’t be available.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that in life there will never be the right time for you to get started. In other words, there will never be that day when you will feel in moods to get started on doing a specific task. We just have to do it. Otherwise, when will it be done if you don’t do it today?

Nothing, like tomorrow if it was planned for today. Tomorrow will also be filled up with its own tasks because neither are you sure of the assignments and responsibilities that may come up by tomorrow. So, to live today and be successful, just get up and go. “Only if you keep moving, you will get there.”

The Reward

It’s for a lifetime and that’s what life gives and rewards people who choose to just get up and you go. The trick here is to think of whatever you are working on as version 1, not the perfect version but as version 1. Then whatever the version it is, later you will tell that over time.

What I would like to encourage you to think about is that whatever you are thinking about or deliberate about today, it could be your family, career, relationships, health among others, just get it going. Don’t wait for a whistle blow after all you will be the one to blow it for yourself, otherwise, you will just lag and stay where you are if not unfortunate declining.
Just move, because then the result or whatever you produce out there, the best research is the feedback you can ever get. It directly tells you how far with what you are doing and how you are doing it- whether the public nevertheless clients like it or not. And we all know that everything is done well rewards back to the core source- you.

What is that one thing that you are deliberating about or planning to work on? I would love to know in the comments below, what is that one thing you are going stand up and get going with? What is the one thing that you are actually going to do? just mention, besides, I may as well give you more insights on how to go about it strategically till you realize success manifested

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