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July 3, 2023
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What Kind Of Happiness Personality Are You?

Ethan Musolini Speaking

Ethan Musolini Speaking

Question – What kind of happiness personality are you?

Recently, it crossed my mind that there are two kinds of people when it come to happiness…

  1. Those who SEEK happiness
  2. Those who GENERATE happiness

Let me explain…

Those who SEEK happiness look for things and experiences that make them feel happy.

For example, it could be to go to a certain event, engage in an activity ‘out there’ that would facilitate a feeling of happiness.

In the end, they say, something like…

“XYZ makes me happy”

For the above, you would be categorized as a  “Happiness seeker”

How about those who GENERATE happiness?

They go ‘within’ and either ask questions that accelerate their happiness or consciously generate the happiness by engaging their awareness

For example one could ask questions like…

  • What Am I happy about?
  • What do I like about my life?
  • What Am I grateful for right now?

Genuinely answering the above questions will automatically put you in a happy state Or from an awareness perspective, you can for example… Lay down on your back and decide that…

“Let me lay down here, smile as much as I can and enjoy being with ME”  This will automatically make you feel happy.

In this, you would be categorized as a “Happiness generator” So, which happiness personality are you predominantly? There is no right or wrong answer here. Whatever your predominant happiness persona is, just know you are ok.

Having said that, my perspective is this… When you choose to become a happiness generator as your predominant practice, you will be in more control of your happiness rather than focusing on just being a happiness seeker because you are in control of what is inside of you and not what is out there.