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“…I would recommend Ethan’s mentorship and coaching any day…”

“…I was at that point in my career where I felt things were not very clear, my focus was not well defined, I had not articulated my goals as to where I wanted to go in my life for the next couple of years. So, I went and met Ethan. We got to talk about my career, my life and where I am at. I didn’t even know what I exactly wanted him to help me with. But as I spoke with him, he helped me define the areas I needed to look at. It was very clear from the first conversation that I needed to walk this journey with Ethan. I needed someone to help coach me on my career journey, define my purpose, my goals and be very specific on what I wanted to achieve in my career and beyond my career. That’s how we started. I like Ethan’s way of coaching because he is not the type who just comes up and says I think this is the topic we should be dealing with. He is this person who listens and hears you, then, based on what you have told him, you work together to develop the topic that you want to address. So, we dealt with many things from life and career coaching perspective…one of the things I really learned from Ethan is to be very deliberate in life. You don’t just wake up and you are a leader, clear in your purpose, have a roadmap to where you want to get. You have to be very deliberate. He got me to think about various areas of my life from finances, physical and mental health, spiritual matters, family, career…he helped me to set specific goals in each area of my life…and he kept me accountable every time we would meet…looking back, I am now more balanced and deliberate in terms of how I live my life by making sure that there is time for all these things…he also helped with tips on how to sell and market the company plus myself…looking back, I do not regret having met Ethan because my journey has been clearly defined better walking it with him. Looking back, I can clearly trace the benefits I have derived from the life and career coaching program with Ethan and I would definitely recommend it to anyone…it’s a fantastic program. If you are looking to progress in certain areas of your life, you need to walk with a mentor and Ethan has been that mentor for me. I would recommend Ethan’s mentorship and coaching any day”

Pamela Natamba

Partner, PWC Uganda.


Do you feel dissatisfied with your life?

Or you are just plain unhappy with how things are going with your career and life in general?

You are not alone and I will show you why it’s not your fault and how to finally fast track your way to success at a personal and professional level.

From being an orphan, broke and broken emotionally, I finally stumbled upon a formula and a secret that works

It’s about filling the holes in what society has been fed and once you notice the three-part gap, everything will click.

You see, most people think it’s about ability and effort that counts.

Unlike popular opinion, if you don’t fill the 3-part gap, then, your ability and effort won’t count.

All will be clear as you read on.

Of course, you may be wondering whether what I am talking about works. Well, I don’t have to convince you until you look at the details below and naturally convince yourself that this is the real deal.

In spite of my very humble background which I will talk about shortly, using the information I am about to tell you about, I managed to catapult myself to echelons of international stardom – from being a speaker in 25 countries, authoring several books, being confident, happy and living a life of meaning and fulfilment.

Not only that, from thousands of private coaching clients to corporate organisations that have engaged me since 2003, I have seen extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.


This is not for everyone…

But what I am about to tell you is not for everyone

It’s not for the faint hearted

Not for people who just have wishes

It’s for those who have dreams

Only the ambitious and the bold are welcome

It’s for people who are serious and committed to transform their personal and professional lives

It’s for those who are willing to go beyond hoping to committing

It’s for those who believe that planting happens before harvesting.


Dear Friend,

My name is Ethan Musolini.

I joined Makerere University just before turning 19 years with hopes that my life would be better.

At a deeper level, I was a clueless university student with no drive, no direction

No clear goals or plan.

As an orphan from a poor background, I had low self-esteem and carried with me the self-image of a second-class citizen

A citizen who didn’t deserve much in life.


The day in church that turned my life around

One day in 1998, I was seated in church listening to a sermon by a gentleman talking about “never giving up”. He even quoted the famous lines from Winston Churchill – “Never, never, never give up”.

I had a feeling deep inside my heart which sounded louder every passing minute “That’s what we need. Hope. Hope to humanity. That tomorrow will be better”

I knew deep inside that something had changed.

I didn’t know what it was exactly, but somehow, I could tell that there was a shift.

It was exciting and confusing at the same time.

“What do I do now?” I wondered in that moment.

After the church service, as if almost possessed, I jumped out of my seat to make a move.

I went to the gentleman who had just finished preaching and blurted out the question…

“Can you become my mentor?”

Then, I held my breath waiting for the answer.

The guy paused and then, with a slight parting of his lips mixed with glitter in the eyes, he warmly said: “Yes, I can”.

Phew! I took a deep breath and a sigh of relief.

I felt great.


My burning desire

My burning desire at that moment was to figure out how I could be the voice of hope to the world.

To uplift the spirits of humanity the way my spirit was uplifted on that amazing Sunday afternoon.

I knew that with the right guidance, mentoring and coaching from someone wiser with greater experience, I could get there.

I decided to become a motivational speaker because I had noted that besides my gift in speaking, I also had a knack for encouraging and inspiring people to feel better about themselves and get inspired to do greater things with their lives.

Gerald Sseruwagi who was preaching on that day was not only a pastor but a businessman and motivator in his own right.

He promised to be of support.

Every now and then, he would affirm my potential and abilities.


But here was the challenge…

I was an unknown entity

I was poor

I didn’t have powerful and influential people in my family to short cut my path to success.

In fact, I was the first person in my whole clan to enroll as a university student.

I was young (21 years).

Most critically though is that I doubted myself.

I had low self-esteem

I had no past record as a motivational speaker to stand on

I had no past mega success that would propel me forward with confidence.

I had an idea of the future but no inspiring past. This bothered me.


I wondered day after day…

“How can people listen to me if I don’t have great achievements to refer people to?”

“I am young, can people believe that I have wisdom inside me worth sharing?”

“I am poor, how can I inspire people when I am not rich?”


One evening, I just made a decision…

“I will go ahead anyway. I will figure out things along the way”

In that moment, I felt a rebirth.

I was born again with courage and boldness.

Not that the fears and doubts were gone. No.

It’s just that my resolve and commitment to serve humanity was much greater than the mountain of my fears.


The bigger picture won the day and I moved ahead in full force.

I started calling myself a motivational speaker and a “Merchant of Hope”. I started giving free talks. Before long, I was being paid to speak and to coach people. I was paid to do what I loved. To see people transform. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

In 2008 (10 years after ‘catching’ the dream), I was being picked from an airport after arriving in Botswana as a facilitator/speaker. In that moment, I smelled the leather of the navy-blue ML Mercedes Benz. I closed my eyes and smiled with deep gratitude. Compared to where I had grown up from, where the only tangible asset was a bicycle, it was a true smell of success.


What’s going on today in my life?

Today in 2021 (23 years later), I have been in 25 countries as speaker/facilitator.

I am confident.

happily married with two children.

I am joyful, doing meaningful work and impacted millions of lives along the way through my books, multimedia products, TV and radio programs, seminars, talks…

I have influence.

It’s been a 23-year journey.

Lots of challenges and lessons along the way.

You see, regardless of your ambitions or stage in life right now, the principles to turning your life and career around are the same.

I have figured out some amazing secrets that work.


Would you like to borrow my 23 years of experience and wisdom accumulated in the areas of personal and professional transformation that can shorten your learning curve?

If you answered yes, then, read on because this could instantly turn out to be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

When I turned 40 in November 2017, I started asking myself scary questions. One of the scariest questions I asked was…


What if I had a few days to live, what kind of program would I create? What are those secrets that I have learned that I wish everyone ought to master and practice?

That question gave birth to what you are about to discover.

Since then, I have been in the trenches, thinking and preparing to answer the above question.


If you are short on achieving your goals and dreams and feel that you do not have solid guidance to take you to the next level, then, there are three potential challenges facing you…

  1. Lack of a system

A paint by numbers, do this and then that kind of system that is guaranteed to create the results that you want

  1. Unclear explanations

Even when there is a seeming system, it usually illustrates what you need to do but not the why and how to do it.

Let’s look at an idea like forgiveness which is useful at a mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. It’s promoted by most personal development courses. The nice sounding idea, right? But…how do you actually make that happen in a way that produces results?

  1. Focusing on one item rather than a complete menu that works

Most processes focus on one idea for example purpose or goal setting or law of attraction.

They are praised as the missing key that would lead you to the top of your dreams. The only problem is, that’s just one item.


What makes a meal exciting is not just one item like spices or the salad or the sauce or dessert, it’s the whole package. The issue is, most systems will package and market a…

A salad master of success

The spice of the century to make your dreams come true

The dessert that makes goals come true

What they forget is that what will truly make you full and happy is the whole buffet that will make one complete and healthy meal. In essence with three components…

  1. A fully buffet of ideas and strategies
  2. Packaged in a step-by-step system
  3. With clear cut explanations that make it even-simple-for-a-child-to-understand-easy.

Up until now, such a system has not existed

Which would give you a…

  • Complete menu with all the ingredients for success such that you are not missing anything very critical for your success journey to have all the necessary resources. That’s part of what I give you in my program which has 10 ingredients that will make your personal success menu not only complete but satisfactory.
  • Packaged in a systematic manner such that there is no guesswork as to what you should do first, second and next so that the whole process is seamless. The exciting news is that each step even has worksheets for you to work with so that you can turn knowledge into practice which ultimately leads to the desired results
  • Simple and clear explanations that won’t just tell you what to do but why you should do it and how to exactly do it so that moving forward in your life is automatic.

Because clarity is power you will finally feel empowered to go after what you want with a sense of energy and vigour because a veil will be removed from your eyes and once you see clearly, then everything is possible because the steps will be laid out for you in the system.

Now Announcing…


Even before you get started with Version 2.0, you will get immediate access to…

RAPID PERSONAL SUCCESS SYSTEM  1.0 – Over 5 hours of pure wisdom and actionable strategies to transform your life.

Up until now, this recorded program was only available to my high end Succeeding Daily Mastermind Members who pay over $3,500 per year.

But when you enroll today, you will also get access to version 1.0 and below is what you are about to discover and learn…

Module 1 – Purpose, Values and Presence (PVP)

  • The 4 big reasons why you need to uncover and live in your purpose
  • Do you want to transform your life? There are two transformational benefits you will be exposed to within a few minutes of watching the program
  • The “concentric circles” method that makes understanding your purpose quick and easy
  • The Oprah Winfrey purpose that will give you inspiration and ideas as to what your purpose could be PLUS Richard Branson’s purpose which may shock you but insightful enough
  • The single most important move you should make if you can’t figure out your purpose (HINT: Once you get to know what it is, you will have a sense of relief because it’s accessible to everyone regardless of age, education, income or social standing in society).
  • Two core reasons why you need to be very clear on your values that most people ignore
  • Do you wish to be clear about what your actual values are? Then, these 9 questions will be so revealing that you will be left shaking your head. CAUTION: Some questions are challenging but worth your while because you have to go deep to build a solid foundation for your life
  • If you are interested in getting to know some examples of purpose, then, you will be happy to see what’s inside to get your creative juices flowing
  • The “Values Clarification Process (VCP)” that will cure second guessing yourself
  • Four power reasons why you need to master presence PLUS what the world’s admired authority said is the linkage between “inner experience” and happiness
  • Nine sneaky signs that you are not fully present. How many of these could be robbing you of your future unknowingly?
  • The “presence test”…answer these six questions and you will know whether you are on or off the grid of valued presence
  • How to engineer presence in your life that will skyrocket your enjoyment of life

Module 2 – GPS and asking the right way

  • The truth about GPS – why you need it to really make it in life
  • Wondering why your GPS should be clear? There are four specific reasons that will motivate you to go after clarity
  • Typical goal setting systems and processes work? Wrong. What you really need is a “GPS system” which has four ingredients that will truly move you forward
  • WARNING: If you do not watch out for these three factors, you progress in life will either be too slow or come to a halt. More than 95% of the people are victims of at least one of the factors…find out if some of these hidden stumbling blocks are standing in your way without your knowledge
  • How to plan for success like a pro that skyrockets your chances for success
  • Discover the secrets of asking using the new way that flat out works… The old way of asking for what you want is slow with low chances for success Vs the new way that puts you on the fast lane of success

Module 3 – Identity Magic

  • Transformational reasons why working on your identity is crucial
  • 3 levels of identity that almost no one talks about PLUS why they impact who you will become
  • The single most important “identity statement” you will ever develop. You will use a “secret-4-part-sauce” to develop it…this is way better than affirmations

Module 4 – Confidence, self-esteem and psychology student for life

  • If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between confidence and self-esteem, then, you are going to be surprised at the distinctions you will discover inside
  • Why you should consider the “3S Model” when thinking about improving your confidence
  • 6 hot benefits for boosting your confidence
  • How to anchor your self-esteem…any of these five ways will catapult you to levels unheard of
  • 6 amazing ways to increase your confidence to astonishing levels quickly and easily
  • Do you believe in the value of learning? Then, you will be delighted to access the seven breakthrough ways to accelerate your learning dreams.

Module 5 – Boosting Your Vibration And Faith For Faster Manifestation

  • Curious what faith and vibration truly is? The veil will be lifted and replaced with understanding without any gimmicks
  • WARNING signs that your vibration is low and the sky-high benefits of a high vibration
  • 9 secrets to boosting your vibration and faith…this is what guarantees super-cat-speed manifestations

Module 6 – High Productivity And Performance

  • The “3 step process” you must have when analysing the projects you are working on PLUS the art of figuring out whether the same projects are feasible or not
  • 9 ways to boost your productivity and performance…this is what it takes to achieve your goals much faster

Module 7 – Power Habit Formation

  • Why developing power habits is critical to the epic lifestyle you dream of
  • Struggling to maintain new habits? Here are six reasons why
  • Finally, discover the seven habits that will guarantee life-long success that will become an envy of many
  • You think it’s lack of will power or self-discipline that is stopping you from maintaining new habits? Sorry, think again. There are five crucial steps that will make anchoring new habits a breeze. This will make you to feel a sense of control towards your destiny

Module 8 – Persuasion power dynamics

  • The “5-word definition” of what persuasion is…I bet you’ve never seen it defined this way and yet its simplicity will generate a sense of relief and clarity as to what your ultimate outcome ought to be when you are inside the world of persuasion
  • Five irrefutable reasons as to why you should master persuasion
  • What should be your “pre-persuasion considerations”? Some answers may shock you
  • The seven persuasion triggers to be aware of. Which of these could you be missing?
  • The “Ultimate Persuasion Framework” and how to execute it with precision to hear yes, after yes in your communication and persuasion moves

Module 9 – Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks And Keeping a Positive Attitude

  • Six negative responses to setbacks that most people engage in which are costly. Could you be practicing one of these unconsciously?
  • The surprising value of setbacks. If you know how to look with a different lens, setbacks can be your ally
  • The three-part formula for literally overcoming any setback. You will be surprised at how simple and effective it is
  • Five secrets to developing a positive attitude that will pump you up to crush whatever comes your way with grace and ease

Module 10 – Personal Branding And Marketing

  • Why branding and marketing yourself matters in today’s world. The old mentality of build it and they will come in today’s crowded market place no longer works. Build it and market it is the new normal for high performers and achievers. Which mentality will you choose?
  • Pillars of a strong personal brand that you were never taught at school and yet determines how far you will go in life. Plus, how to implement them in your life.

One more thing…

All the modules are accompanied by slides, templates and worksheets to enable you to reflect and fill them in.

This will make the internalization and implementation of what you will be learning practical hence realizing the desired results faster than typically imagined.

That’s the kind of transformation which you deserve, isn’t it?

So, what will be in The New RAPID PERSONAL SUCCESS SYSTEM 2.0?

It will be similar to the10 modules as above (which I recorded in 2018) but with key differences…

1.There will be new additional content because I am always researching and discovering new distinctions

  1. It will be live which means to you that you can ask questions for clarity and implementation.
  2. You will also have access to the recordings just like version 1.0 which means to you that in the end, it’s just like have 2 programs for a price of one.

You will still have access to all the accompanying new worksheets, templates and slides to make the implementation easier and more practical.

When – 1st – 12th February 2021 (Every weekday – Monday to Friday)

Time – 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Where – On Zoom


This is what makes this program unique…

What makes this unique is that not only is it a system but it’s a complete package because some of my private clients whom I have taken through this have seen some of the following positive changes happen to them…

  • Being promoted at the workplace
  • Happier than ever before
  • Improved relationships at the workplace and home
  • Attracted more money in their lives
  • Increased their levels of confidence and self-esteem
  • Better health
  • More influence
  • And much more

There are other programs and products on the market that will claim to enable you to realize your dreams. But the question is…

Are they proven?

Do they offer you step by step guidance such that there is absolute clarity over what to do from point A to point Z?

What we are talking about here is your life’s dreams.

They are priceless and my promise is that if you follow the road map I will hand you, you will get there.

As you enroll, this is what’s going to happen…

  • You will have immediate access to Version 1.0 of the Rapid Personal Success System
  • Start implementing it in your life by using the different templates and prompts inside the program
  • Attend the live sessions for Version 2.0 of the Rapid Personal Success System
  • Pick out the new information provided inside version 2.0 and implement the new tactics and strategies to catapult your life and career to an even higher level

Hurry because…

I can’t guarantee as to how long I will keep this open to the general public because up until now, Rapid Personal Success System 1.0 was only available to my high level weekly Succeeding Daily Mastermind clients who pay thousands of dollars per year.

So, who knows, I could take this back to the private vault and only accessible to my mastermind members

Ultimately my mission in this program is simple…

To Finally hand you a system that will equip you with practical strategies and tactics on a silver platter to clarify what you want, how to get it, rekindle a fire to go after your dreams and live the life of purpose, happiness, abundance and look back at the end of your life with a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Consequences of Inaction are Costly

Now you could decide not to do anything about your life, but at what cost?

The cost of inaction is more expensive than the investment in your future.

This has taken me more than 23 years to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together…over tens of thousands of hours of testing and research, tens of thousands of dollars invested in private coaching and training.

Do you really want to go through all that or you would rather let someone give you a shortcut and save you tens of thousands of dollars and over tens of thousands of hours of research and testing?

The Investment

This is a $1,000 (3,700,000 UGX) product but for a limited time…for quick decision makers, it’s going to be just $270 (1,000,000 UGX) or three payments of $108 (400,000 UGX)

Show me a person who is successful and I wish you someone who invests in themselves over and over again.

So, if you want to join the elite few who make their dreams come easily to them in a systematic and simple manner, then, click here to enroll

What Happens After You Click The Button?

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to the order page where you will be able to enter your billing details and you will be on your way to access the keys to the kingdom of success

Valuable Bonus Revealed

If you enroll today, you will also have access to my premier video-based program – Succeeding Like Crazy. The title alone should tell you what this transformational product is all about. That’s a $297  value

100% Money Back Guarantee

My guarantee is that this will be a life changing program for you and if for any other reason you feel that this isn’t at least double the value of what you are investing in this, then, I will happily refund 100% of your money.

So, naturally, with such a guarantee, all the odds are in your favour and as such, all that awaits you to go to the next level is for you to  click here to enroll

You really have two choices…

  • You can choose not to enroll and continue to keep spinning your wheels and suffer with a sense of regret or…
  • Join the smart successful people who chose to take action and invest in themselves to take their lives to the next level.

It’s decision time

What will you choose for your life and future?

But if you want to take advantage of this special offer, then, you really have to take action quickly because I cannot guarantee keeping the price this low.

So, this is your moment

Click here to kick start  your success journey into overdrive

You could also look at this in one or two ways

  • I am attempting to sell to you
  • I am on a mission to transform your life with life changing information and training

I am absolutely committed to the second option.

That’s my calling

That’s what gives me a sense of fulfilment and joy

Your success which you can be part of as you click here to enroll.

What am I really going to get?

You will have access to 10 breakthrough sessions (Rapid Personal Success System 2.0) which will show you how to transform your life from the inside out and catapult you to a life of your ultimate dreams.

These will be 10 live sessions delivered online using zoom from 4 pm to 5:30 pm (EAT). The sessions will also be recorded just in case you are not able to make it for any of the live sessions.

In addition, you will have instant access to Rapid Persona Success System 1.0 which will offer you over 5 hours of content to get going before you receive new strategies and distinctions in version 2.0. Think about it as a two-in-one package.

What makes this different from other similar programs and products?

This is a system and not a bunch of collected tips. Most importantly, these are the same strategies and tactics I have used to transform myself from low confidence, low self-esteem and oblivion to the pavilion of life mixed with supreme confidence,  impact, influence and fulfilment. How would you like to get the taste of that?

Is it really worth it?

Let me ask you a question – what are you really worth? Isn’t your life priceless? If you agree with me that your life, your dreams and heartfelt desires are priceless, then, what is the value of a system that will transform your life? Priceless, isn’t it?

Why should I trust you?

I have been in the trenches – from being literally a nobody with a very poor background to impacting millions of lives and facilitating events across 25 countries plus living a life of fulfilment and joy…it means that I have mastered the art of transformation.

Besides publishing books and producing more than 40 multimedia training programmes across different personal, professional and business growth fields, I have seen, coached, trained and tested enough technologies to be in a position to bring you the finest – distilled wisdom that works.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, if by the end of the training program you are not absolutely delighted, then, you will get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

How do I join?

Just click here and you will be taken to the next page where you can enter your billing information.

What if I am not able to order online, what should I do?

The other option is that you enroll offline by calling my assistant Daniel on +256 705 838733 or +256 777 073822 or email

More testimonials

The lady who transformed herself and many young women

Before meeting you, I had questions in my head ranging from…

How do I realize my potential? How can I reach the break-even point where my aspirations and hidden potential meets the reality about my identity?  To…How can I capitalize on my voice and articulation as a tool for success?

After engaging with you and accessing your training and coaching, I realized I had a lot to do with self-awareness. The first day I came to your office, the question of “who are you and what can you do best?” made me pose a bit and reflect on the potential within me. This is what I have capitalized on since to reach me where I am and the far that I am yet to go.

I became very confident about my identity and potential.  Given my social work, I really gained from the public speaking skills that made me a very effective communicator till now. The eloquence in speech without nervousness and being organized in delivery of my speeches were very ideal. Else, I also learnt to be very visionary and pursue my vision, this I pick from you being a founder of Success Africa and the various products you have under that vision, how you cascade your work to reach different nations was and remain a great inspiration. I observed you doing mentoring and have concluded we need a female you. And I see myself becoming a professional mentor for young women and girls, supporting their career drives and seeing them succeed in all their endeavours.

Public speaking skills have greatly enhanced my lobbying and advocacy skills. How can you lobby if you cannot talk with confidence?

 I continue to appreciate the mentoring and training that have greatly impacted my life and in so many other people’s lives especially young women and girls. Thank you for being principled and of integrity. You have not used your power over in any way to disrespect any of your mentees especially the young women. This I strongly appreciate and look forward to having more men who are transformed and respect the lines of dignity in their professions and ordinary life. I continue to learn from your inspirations and guidance.

Ethan Musolini is definitely life transforming, the results on an individual are sustainable and are skills required in all fields along all walks of life. Thank you.

Juliet Luutu Barasa

Project manager, Girls Advocacy Alliance.

Plan International Uganda

 From doubtful at 14 years to entrepreneur

Growing up, I always felt out of place because I knew I was different from many of my age. I was fresh out of the village, a quick learner and I constantly questioned the status quo. Survival was my game and by 14, I felt a few of my age-mates even knew why one had to survive. As a result, I continuously secluded myself from the pack, in class, the dormitories, sports and other areas. I was called a showoff, a wiseacre and even during the conference if you may recall, upon my insistence to interrupt your session I was rebuked by my own schoolmates. I almost had lost all my confidence. Then you happened in my life.

You made me learn that someone out there believed that I could be something and that I could do it, something that my own family could never say of me.

Ethan, after calling me your hero, I wanted to hear more of that, and so, I set off on a journey to help fellow young people in any way that I could and since for many it was all about money, less of which I had, I started outsourcing my teachers sound equipment and décor services for the commission under my company, Tush Events management and within two years, I had saved enough to purchase my own equipment and register the business.

With Ethan Musolini, you will feel connected to a personal level. the journey you chose to take to succeed will be a costly one but totally worth it. besides, quality is costly

Kamweya Ronald Tushabe,

Founder Tush Events and Presenter Smart 24 TV

Kampala Uganda.

 How do I join?

Just click here and you will be taken to the next page where you can enter your billing information.

What if I am not able to order online, what should I do?

The other option is that you enroll offline by calling my assistant Daniel on +256 705 838733 or +256 777 073822 or email