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Do you feel like your dreams are still far off or unattainable?

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and feeling like you’re not going anywhere?

Do you sometimes feel like some successful people could be hiding a secret from you?

Are you frustrated that your results in life do not reflect your talents and abilities?

Do you sometimes feel angry at yourself for not following through to implement what you know would push you forward in your life?

Are you searching for secrets that could transform your life, career and business?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then, this is the most important letter you will ever read…

Dear friend,

My name is Ethan Musolini. I’m a full-time motivational speaker and facilitator. I am a joyful, confident and happily married with two children. I have spoken to audiences in 25 countries, doing meaningful work and impacted millions of lives along the way through my books, multimedia products, TV and radio programs, seminars, talks…


I was born into a very poor environment. Most of my life, I lived in one room divided by a curtain. Behind the curtain was where the VIPs (mummy and daddy) slept. My dad had 2 years of schooling. He was a tailor.

We were 11 children (from three different mothers) so my father’s income was over-stretched and as a result we lived on one meal a day for at least half of the year.

At the age of 9, I lost my mum. It felt like a stab in my heart and I cried furiously for days. Then, when I was 17, my dad passed away. I was devastated and cried even harder and longer than ever before.

As a first born, I knew in that moment that I had to grow up quickly and become the head of the family.

First, I knew that I had to focus on my education.

My goal was to do whatever it took to make it to University because I thought it would be my ticket to my family’s financial freedom.

My dad’s old friends raised the fees to send me to Makerere University.

I was the first person in my whole clan to enrol as a university student.

So, I studied hard and got good grades.

I should have been over the moon but there was always doubts in my mind…

As an orphan from a poor background, I had low self-esteem and carried with me the self-image of a second class citizen who didn’t deserve much in life.

And then something amazing happened…


One Sunday, I was attending church at my university when I suddenly felt a surge of energy…

I immediately knew deep inside that something had changed.

I had found my purpose in life…

To be the voice of hope to the world.

I wanted to uplift the spirits of humanity the way my spirit was uplifted on that amazing Sunday afternoon.

I knew that with the right guidance, mentoring and coaching from someone wiser with greater experience, I could get there.

I decided to become a motivational speaker because I knew that, besides my gift in speaking, I also had a gift for encouraging and inspiring people to feel better about themselves and get inspired to do greater things with their lives.

When the service finished, as if almost possessed, I jumped out of my seat

and approached the preacher…

“Can you become my mentor?”

Then, I held my breath waiting for the answer.

He paused and then, with a glint in his eyes, he warmly said “Yes, I can”.

With his constant support, I finally left University with a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences and an abundance of hope in my heart…


After more than four months after leaving university I was Jobless, Hopeless, Depressed.

I was feeling so depressed that I pulled out my notebook and wrote a letter to Jesus/God…

Unfortunately, the resolution is not clear on the web but just know that I was at my wits end… I was at my lowest point.

My faith was beginning to fade…


Then, my prayers were answered…

Someone offered me work. They were just short contracts but I finally had a steady income on which to build my dream.

Amidst all these struggles I never lost my dream of impacting the world as a motivational speaker, coach and trainer.

But here was the challenge…

I was an unknown entity,

I was poor,

I didn’t have powerful and influential people in my family to short cut my path to success.

I was young (21 years).

Most critically though is that I doubted myself.

I had low self esteem

I had no past record as a motivational speaker to rely on

I had no past mega success that would propel me forward with confidence.

I had an idea of the future but no inspiring past.

All this bothered me.

I wondered day after day…

“How can people listen to me if I don’t have great achievements to refer people to?”

“I am young, can people believe that I have wisdom inside me worth sharing?”

“I am poor, how can I inspire people when I am not rich?”


One evening, I just made a decision…

“I will go ahead anyway. I will figure out things along the journey”

In that moment, I felt a rebirth.

I felt a great deal of courage and boldness. Not that the fears and doubts were gone. No. It’s just that my resolve and commitment to serve humanity was much greater than the mountain of my fears. The bigger picture won the day and I moved ahead in full force.

I started calling myself a motivational speaker and a “Merchant of Hope”. I started giving free talks. Before long, I was being paid to speak and to coach people. I was paid to do what I loved. To see people transform.

It’s the greatest feeling in the world; to be paid for what you love doing.

In 2008 (10 years after catching the dream), I was being picked up from an airport after arriving in Botswana as a facilitator/speaker.

In that moment, I smelled the leather of the navy blue ML Mercedes Benz. I closed my eyes and smiled with deep gratitude. Compared to where I had grown up, where the only tangible asset was a bicycle, it was a true smell of success.


It’s been a 20 year journey, with countless challenges and lessons along the way.

Regardless of your ambitions or stage in life right now, the principles to turning your life and career around are the same.

I have figured out some amazing secrets that work.

Now, it’s time for me to help others, just like you.

First, let me ask you some questions…

Aren’t you tired of not achieving your goals?

But let me ask you a question…

For how long will you let your life waste away because of suffering from…

Lack of follow through to succeed in your personal and professional life

Lack of strategies and certainty in terms of what to focus on in order to succeed at a much higher level in your life, career and business

This could be the core cause of less money, being overweight, lack of joy and fulfilment, not enough fun and general shortage in success.

Here is the good news…

Would you like to borrow my 20 years of experience and wisdom accumulated in the areas of personal and professional transformation that can shorten your learning curve?

If you answered yes, then, read on because your life is about to be change for the better.

Do you sometimes wish you had a mentor or coach or someone who believes in you and pushing you to greater heights?

The fastest path to success

You see, coaching is the fastest way to push through any barriers before you so you can climb up to the summit of your dreams.

I have invested quite a fortune to get extra support from coaches and the results have been spectacular.

Now, Announcing…

The “Succeeding Daily Club”

This is a weekly coaching programme where you will access my latest research and breakthroughs with one singular focus…

To enable you to succeed faster, easier with less hustle.

Why should you trust me?

I have been in the coaching game since September 2003. From entrepreneurs and managers to CEO’s of international organisations, they have sat under my tutelage to gain an unfair advantage in their life and career with the ultimate fulfilment. Most importantly, I know what it means to fail and to succeed. I know what it means to build character from the ground up.


This is what you are getting…

Your life is about to change with this program. Why? Because, as you master the skills and strategies inside this breakthrough program, you will naturally start to experience more…

More money, popularity, a competitive edge, a bigger sense of contribution, family time, higher productivity, focus, happiness and a greater success in all aspects of your life. Here is the breakdown.

Weekly coaching call for 30-60 minutes  – get the latest breakthrough research and secrets to enhance your personal and professional performance to boost your goal achieving abilities to accelerate your levels of happiness, fulfilment and sense of certainty as you live your new found life with renewed passion, confidence and a sense of control.

Get the latest researched breakthrough secrets on a weekly basis. I spend over $1,000 on research per month to create the best version of myself and also share the same discoveries with you.

You see, in 1988, as an 11 year old primary student, I had an experience that forever changed my outlook about life and performance. I had scored 86% in an English test and I was the best in my class. My dad was happy. He bought for me a half cake to congratulate me. Sitting outside in the evening, we sat on a bench and…

Speaking in our local language (which I shall translate in English directly)…

Dad: Well done son. Here is a half cake for you

Me: Thank you dad. (Smiling broadly, I took the first bite of the delicious cake. But before I could swallow the first munching round, he tapped on my shoulder and added)

Dad: Now, next time, I want you to ask yourself, “Where did the 14% go?”

It’s at that moment that I learned, the goal is not to become No.1 but rather to aim for 100%.

That’s been my goal since then. So, when it comes to research, I will be aiming for 100%. What that means to you is that you will get the best of the best that is humanly possible to skyrocket your life.

Can ask questions live

This gives you almost similar access that is an exclusive privilege to my premium private clients to answer anything personal that would give you personalised strategies to catapult your life forward. Even if you don’t ask anything, listening in to what others are going through and the answers and strategies offered would be a learning by itself because typically we go through similar challenges since we are all human. As you get your questions answered during these Q and A sessions, clearer options will emerge, lights will be switched on where previously there was darkness and new life will emerge before you…and as you Imagine that, naturally you will find yourself feeling excited about your life and the possibilities before you as you act on the new ideas and wisdom shared to maximize the opportunity before you because life is truly the greatest opportunity on earth.

Facebook group

Meet like-minded individuals and also access occasional Facebook live sessions exclusive to you and other members. As you hang around the right people with great ambitions like you do, it’s like rocket fuel to propel you forward because in synergy terms, 1+1 does not equal to 2 but 11. And that’s the kind of value you will be enjoying to the fullest.


Suggest topics to be tackled next – this will guarantee that you learn what you are yearning to master because besides my experience and wisdom, there could be other topics which are off my radar that you could highlight which in turn add value to you and members alike.

But I also must add that…

Only the ambitious and the bold are welcome

I am only interested in people who are serious and are committed to transform their lives…to know that this is a journey and not a sprint…not a get rich quick scheme but a transformational journey.


Bonuses if you Join Today because I want to make it a no brainer for you…

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Bonus #11 Habits of a genius ($47 value)

Bonus #12 Developing a positive attitude ($47 value)


But I have to warn you

You may choose to do nothing and stay in your same old life without blockbuster success and fulfilment. You may even claim that you can find out all these secrets by yourself and you could. But remember, you would need to invest tens of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of hours that I have spent in research, sifting through what works and what doesn’t, trial and errors. And that my friend is no smart way to spend your time and life.

Like someone once said ‘Everything is easy once you know how’. After twenty years of research and practice, I know how. Wait and see how easier and quicker it can be for you as your JOIN the Succeeding Daily Club and enjoy the benefits of shortening your learning curve.

This is a great deal

I have been in the trenches for 20 years and as such you are about to be saved from at least 10 years of figuring out things yourself… to sift through the chaff and access the gold. How much would that be worth to you to be held by the hand and guided by a coach or teacher who has been there and done that before? Priceless, wouldn’t you agree? I am sure by now, you are wondering what kind of investment is required.


Your investment

Talking about investment let’s look at the numbers…

One session with me is $300 or more. In a month, you will be having four sessions which means a real world value of $1,200. And if I charged you that, it would still be great value but fortunately, it won’t be. It won’t even be $600.  But just  $1,000 for lifetime subscription (save a fortune) OR $4,000 which would include lifetime subscription PLUS 10 sessions of one-2-one (30-45 minutes per session) coaching to help you implement the RAPID PERSONAL SUCCESS SYSTEM modules.

Lifetime subscription  would be less than 1 cent per day.

But hurry because this offer could go away anytime

This is a price and marketing test. I am considering raising the investment required to $2,000 for lifetime  subscription and it would still be a great value for money and a steal. So, the only way to enjoy this deal is to grab the opportunity now and get grand fathered into the “Succeeding Daily Club” at the lowest possible price now.

 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you will get an unconditional refund and you can keep all the 12 bonuses as my compliment for giving this exciting opportunity a try. No questions asked.

Here is what you are getting again

If you really value your life, desire to succeed at a higher level and personal fulfilment is important to you, then this is a great find for you. Because you will greatly benefit from…

Weekly action packed coaching calls – $10,000 value

12 Incredible bonuses worth $1,514.

100% money back guarantee

So, everything is in your favour. The worst that can happen is to get all your money back because I am taking all the risk and you get to keep the amazing bonuses. You get all the upside.

This is how you can join the Succeeding Daily Club now …

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Will you look back in regret?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did” Mark Twain. My prayer is that you don’t look back to this opportunity in regret.

In her book, “The Top 5 Regrets of The Dying” Brownie Ware mentions number one being

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself…” Most critically, the choices made or not made. Be courageous. Take action now.

I am really looking forward to having you as one of my success stories.


To your amazing success,

Ethan Musolini

P.S You are getting cutting edge secrets and strategies to experience your heart’s desires and dreams through a breakthrough weekly coaching session online (Via a teleseminar – $10,000 value)…in case you miss, now worries because everything will be recorded

P.S.S You are also getting 12 amazing bonuses worth $1,514

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Click below to join TODAY lifetime group coaching only – $1,000

Click below to join TODAY lifetime group coaching only PLUS 10 private one-2-one sessions with Ethan – $4,000