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  • Watch and grow together with your children
  • Watch and boost performance at the workplace with your staff or colleagues
  • Watch and realize your personal and career dreams with your siblings

Still, wondering whether it’s really WORTH IT?


Let me ask you a question, how many ideas do you need to transform your life, career, or both?


If you answered “just one”, then you would be right.


As you think about that, don’t you think that out of a total of around 80 HOURS of instruction you will get at least one great idea? And wouldn’t that be PRICELESS to you?

Why am I offering you this opportunity?


Some people have been asking…what if I am not able to attend some sessions live? Is there a way to get the recordings?


Now, the good news is that the recording will definitely be accessible.


The challenging news is that there will be a fee attached ranging from $27 To $97 per webclass/information product. That means, if you wait until the end of the live sessions, you would have to fork out $1,080 - $3,880  to access all the 40 RECORDED SESSIONS.


Mind you, this would still be worth it given that I have been paid such amounts and more for a one-hour engagement. This time around it’s 40 sessions.


Now, I thought hard on how I can reward my valued subscribers like you who would love to take immediate action (more on that later)



This is how it works


Once you place your order, then, you will be taken to a unique page where you will re-enter your name and email


You will then access a special page where the subsequent recording will be uploaded for your joyous access for life


In a few months, you will be glad how you accessed this special deal as others will be paying over 90% of what you invested.



What’s in the new offer?


First, you will still receive emails notifying you about the live sessions which you will access Absolutely FREE (Meaning when you attend live)


Second, you will later be able to access the same recorded sessions in a special members area online for life.


Like I mentioned, before, even at the least price of $27 (some products will be costing more than that by the way, you would still have to invest a minimum of $1,080)


I love rewarding fast action takers. The fact that you have stepped up and signed up alone tells me that you are an action taker. As such, I came up with a figure of…


Not $900


Not even $600


Not $297


Not even $197


BUT JUST $97 (Over 90% Savings)


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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not absolutely thrilled by the value of what you are getting after going through the content and doing the exercises (just send screenshots of your notes), then, just send us a support email which you will see after ordering and you will get 100% refund. This is as risk free as you going to get. Oh, and you will still keep the recordings. So, either way, you will come out a winner.


Listen, if you take advantage of this right now, you will be saving over 90% of what you or others will pay later. And the transformational strategies and tactics will be priceless to you.


Clearly, when you compare what 80 hours of practical cutting-edge information will add to your life and career, then, you will automatically see how investing $97 now in such a life transforming opportunity is a drop in the bucket to access all these gems for life.


For the record, once everything is edited and polished, this will be offered at $497.


So, you can either invest now at $97 or later at $497. Your choice.


Look at this not only as fast action discount but a pre-order special deal since you are not going to get every recording right away but incrementally as the sessions are going on and uploaded in your members area.

If you want to take advantage of THIS SPECIAL DEAL, then, click the red button below

Once again, this is what you will have access to…

  • You will still be legible to attend the sessions live for free (just like everybody else)
  • Lifetime recordings of all the 40 breakthrough sessions for your review and mastery to transform your life and career in amazing ways

Below is the list of web classes once again…

  • The art of persuasion-how to get anyone to buy your products, ideas and services ($97 Value)
  • How to achieve a win-win in any workplace conflict ($97 Value)
  • Managing change for success ($97 Value)
  • Motivating employees beyond money ($97 Value)
  • Creating a winning corporate culture ($97 Value)
  • How to become people-smart; inter-personal intelligence ($97 Value)
  • Personal branding for success ($97 Value)
  • Personal marketing secrets exposed ($97 Value)
  • Business telephone etiquette that works ($97 Value)
  • How to grow and keep a positive attitude for a successful life ($97 Value)
  • Unlocking courage within you ($97 Value)
  • Mastering body language ($97 Value)
  • Secrets to your happiness ($97 Value)
  • How to turn setbacks into comebacks and leverage diversity ($97 Value)
  • Anger management secrets ($97 Value)
  • Overcoming Procrastination ($97 Value)
  • Habits Of A Genius ($97 Value)
  • Master Self Motivation The Key To Consistent Performance ($97 Value)
  • How To Overcome Any Challenge And Achieve Unlimited Success ($97 Value)
  • Become A Skilled Listener ($97 Value)
  • How To Get Rid Of Scattered Focus And Achieve More ($97 Value)
  • How To Deal With a Difficult Boss ($97 Value)
  • The Art of Effective Meetings ($97 Value)
  • Work-Life Balance ($97 Value)
  • Time Management ($97 Value)
  • Team Building for Success ($97 Value)
  • Stress Management Mastery ($97 Value)
  • Social and Business Etiquette ($97 Value)
  • Productivity Secrets Exposed ($97 Value)
  • Outstanding Customer Service Secrets Exposed ($97 Value)
  • How to Supercharge your Confidence ($97 Value)
  • How To Pass a Job Interview ($97 Value)
  • How to Become an Effective Supervisor
  • Goal Setting Dynamics ($97 Value)
  • Effective Feedback for Managers ($97 Value)
  • Creativity And Innovation ($97 Value)
  • Become The Most Valuable Employee ($97 Value)
  • Attaining Exceptional Performance ($97 Value)

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