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Attention: Seekers Of Stress Management Secrets. But Before You Finally Enjoy The Benefits, You Need To Know That…
I Was Chocking With Worry As I Waited Nervously For My Medical Results From A Doctor, A Moment That Would Forever Change My Life…
Read On To See the Final Discovery That Transformed My Perspective From Being Stressed Out To Feeling Consistently Calm And Joyful
Hi, my name is Ethan Musolini.
I have been self employed as a coach, motivational speaker, author and HR consultant since September 2003. But during one eventful year in 2007, I was travelling a lot around Africa as one of the training consultants for British Council facilitating transformational leadership programs to empower the next generation of young African leaders. Because I love people and I am always out there. I was moving from one training to another.
Break neck speed stuff.
I was enjoying myself…seeing smiles, hearing “thank you for everything”, “That was powerful”. I poured more of my soul and spirit in transforming humanity since it’s my calling. Amidst all this, little did I know what was to befall me next…
Suddenly, I started feeling weak. Sickly to say the least. My appetite was low. A very rare experience.
The sudden change in my health worried me because I had been healthy previously.
I instantly knew I had to find a solution quickly to get back to great health because with a weak body I could not do any consulting or training work. That meant no pay besides not feeling well. This was unacceptable in my world because there is no paid sick leave for a self-employed professional.
I decided to go see a doctor for a check up to have this resolved once and for all. I wanted to be liberated from assuming and wondering as to what could be going on with my health.
Upon arrival at the clinic, the doctor was very attentive and listened to my ordeal. He instructed for some tests to be done and I obliged. I went to the reception area where everyone was waiting…
At the clinic I saw some frail old men and women. I saw a beautiful lady looking worried. I saw a muscular gentleman with a miserable face. The scenes were discouraging. I hate being in hospitals. I always want to see people happy. Now, here I was looking at miserable people and some in visible pain.
I didn’t want to be part of such a club.
At that moment, I knew that if I don’t manage my psychology, a self-fulfilling prophecy of more pain would follow and most likely, I wouldn’t heal faster.
I didn’t want to be part of the statistic of the sickly and hurting because in my teenage years especially in high school, I was a constant victim of malaria and ulcers among others. Images of being sickly flashed in my mind.
“I really don’t want to be like some of these people who look strained and in pain”
“I hope my tests won’t show anything drastic with my health condition”
After about 25 minutes of inner turmoil and worry, I was called in the doctor’s consultation room…

“Yes sir” I responded and then held my breath for the news…

“Upon looking at the tests, the results are all negative” he commented while looking at the slip.
This time, I released my breath with a sigh of relief.
“It means it’s something else that is causing all the discomfort. Tell me about your work and how your lifestyle looks like?” he inquired.
“Oh, of late I have been working hard and travelling a lot around Africa speaking and training” I started. He nodded and before I could add anything, he asked again…
“And about how many hours have you been sleeping on average?”
“About four to five hours” I answered confidently because that was my typical life and it had ‘served’ me.
The doctor nodded again and this time looked at me straight in my eyes and stated…
“That’s definitely not enough. What you are suffering from is stress. You are fatigued…You need to rest much more that you are doing at the moment” he concluded.
I left the clinic with gratitude and concern at the same time. “What have I been doing to myself and my body? What do I do now?” I wondered.
The following week, I vowed to go out on a weekend long holiday where there was no work. It wasn’t very long. Just two nights in a hotel of doing nothing away from my place.
On my return, I felt rejuvenated and alive.
The earlier symptoms disappeared.
It’s at that moment that it dawned on me how costly stress can be. I later learnt that 85% of all dis-ease is caused by stress.
Upon return, I made a decision to figure out this area of stress management because I didn’t want to visit a doctor again thinking I was sick only to find the cause was stress which could have been avoided.
I researched, I studied, and I bought CDs and DVDs to master the art of stress management. Result?
I became happier, more peaceful, in charge of my emotions and most importantly, of the few visits I have had to clinics, stress has never been one of the cases. Never. Why? Because I had mastered the game of stress management.
But then, something weird happened…
Amongst my coaching clients, almost 80% of them complained of stress. I gave them tips and strategies and they all returned with compliments and smiles. But I also knew that there were other people out there who were hurting and yet couldn’t afford my one-2-one coaching services which are $300 – $500 per session. Then, I got an epiphany…
“What if I packaged my tested and proven wisdom on stress management into a video based home study program, wouldn’t I be able to reach more people at an affordable price?”
The answer was a resounding YES and I got excited like a kid in a candy store.

Before I tell you what it is, pause for a moment and IMAGINE yourself calm, composed…even amidst the most challenging of situations. Imagine smiling where others are sad. Imagine breathing deeply where previously you couldn’t breath at all. Imagine being calm and collected where others are collected. Imagine people coming to you and asking as to what your secret for calmness and then nodding knowingly with a thought inside of yourself “Yup, I finally figured out a way to manage my stress”
And that’s the aim of the program you are privileged to discover now.
Sounds like a dream?
Well, that’s what I thought when I received the news from the doctor then, but when I started experiencing calmness and happiness on a daily basis, that’s when such imaginations above became my new daily reality. And I wish the same for you which will become your reality too as you go through this program because…
This is an experiential program that equips you with strategies, skills, techniques and tips you can use beginning today to manage stress like a pro because it’s practical. This is what I use on a daily basis.

This is a straight to the point, chockfull of can-use-it-now wisdom to start seeing dramatic results in your life. Below are highlights of what you are about to experience…
Module 1 – Understanding stress (14:07)
● The actual definition of what stress is really about…most people miss this
● What’s the one statement that Jim Rohn said that could transform how you look at and manage stress (2:22)
● 5 reasons why mastering stress is critical to your life and fulfilment (02:55)
● Which of the 6 signs of stress are you aware of? That what you don’t know might kill you…discover what they are as a solutions foundation (06:47)
● Discover questions that will make you tune into your stress levels to prompt you to take action (10:19)

Module 2 – sources of your stress (14:24)
● What are you holding onto that could be stressing you more than you know (0:54)
● The hidden insecurities that are straining your mind and emotions (2:20)
● The one dangerous emotion that could be unnecessarily costing you the fulfilling life you deserve (3:51)
● What is the under the radar mind-set that you could be having right now that adds fire to your stress levels? Oh…and it affects all areas of your life – very costly (5:03)
● How low self-esteem and confidence is stressing you more than you think (7:02)
● The day today life events that typically throw you into the tunnel of stress without your knowledge – hey, fore warned is fore armed…be in the know(8:06)

● Do you make these mistakes when you are stressed? 4 things you should never do when you are stressed (9:10)

Module 3 – Stress management exercises (18:12)
● The writing exercise that will drain stress out of your system like a vaccum cleaner (1:51)
● The __________business that you have to take care of or else you will be carrying stress for the rest of your life (2:21)
● The 3 things you don’t have control of exercise…do this and you will regain immense control over your energy and emotions because most people lose it right here (08:09)
● The “Unnecessary trap” exercise…discover the 4 traps that could be holding you back from living a stress free life (10:50
● The psychological trick that will instantly make you feel better (14:31)
● The one statement you can use any time you face a monstrous stress situation that will calm you down like a cat napping (15:21)
● How your ego stresses you and what to exactly do about it (15:51)
● What are the 8 words that super star Madonna said that could transform how you deal with stress for life? Adopt this mind-set and you will be smiling at the stressed pack (16:09)

Module 4 – What could keep you as a slave to stress? (09:29)
● The shocking secret that healed a gentleman from an ‘incurable’ heart disease that you could use in managing your stress levels to a bare minimum. It’s simple once you know how but the benefits are priceless and it can applied almost in every challenging situation in your life right now (1:52)
● What deadly thoughts and emotions could you be holding onto that are robbing you of your joy? Get rid of these and you will literally kick stress out of your life and you will be in happiness-land again (03:32)
● How wanting to get even with people does more harm than good and what to do instead that will inject more joy in your veins like a kid in a candy store (05:09)
● The killer portion of your past that you have to be aware of and how to instead focus on something else that would be more life and joy giving to slay stress (05:51)
● What Albert Einstein said that could revolutionise how you think and solve problems in your life. Do this and you will seemingly have genius level powers in any challenging situation (06:52)
● The attitude and mind-set that is too poisonous for you to keep if you are to finally get rid of your stress. Could this be your actual tormentor that you are not aware of? (7:28)
● The questions that you should ask yourself right now which will break the stress chains that have robbed you of the happy life that you deserve. Ask these and notice how your calmness and joy returns quicker than lightning (8:52)

Module 5 – How to improve your stress management abilities (18:35)
● The single prayer from a famous saint that will melt stress away from you like fire to butter. Use this any moment you are at crossroads and you will be amazed at how much calmness you will experience (1:10)
● The power affirmation that will create rock solid confidence and self-esteem around you. Notice how strong you will become calm even amidst a storm (3:09)
● What you should invest in to create a rock solid persona that will deal with any challenge thrown at you (3:52)
● The positive chemical that will be released in your body when you do this one thing. This is better than any anti-depressant or pain killer and the good news is that you don’t need to spend any money – you just need yourself (5:31)
● How destiny thinking and mind-set kills stress instantly. Whenever I say this to myself I typically reduce stress by up to 50% (6:35)
● The dirty little secret to calm your mind and spirit quicker than a racing car that counsellors and psychotherapists don’t want you to know (10:10)
● The proper form of breathing that truly calms you down. Most people get this wrong but you will finally see me demonstrate once and for all for you to master…it’s both mental and physical. You have to get the balance right and you will feel not only calmer but energised at the same time (12:58)
● The spiritual practice that never fails to reduce your stress. Even if everything fails, do this and you will feel better (13:11)
● What you should exactly do when you go out to inject more fun into your lifestyle which will dramatically reduce your stress (14:32)
● The 3 specific things you should do to implement and make the stress management techniques second nature. You will finally sense how much control you have in your life once you do this (15:40)

How exciting will your life become?

As you imagine all these secrets ingrained in your day to day way of being, I am sure you can naturally see how exciting life is going to be. Am sure you are also wondering what a huge investment it must be and you would be right because mastering stress management is priceless and as such the investment has to match the value.
The good news is that I have a surprisingly special deal for you.
But before I reveal what a steal this is going to be, I need to make one thing clear. I will take all the risk.
I am going to allow you to test drive this for a full 60 days. I believe that’s adequate time for you to experience all the calmness and happiness that this will offer you. If you don’t feel different with great mastery of what’s going around you…more than ever before, then, just shoot me an email and I shall refund all your money back.
You don’t even have to mail back the program  It’s digital. Keep it on your computer or whichever your favourite device is as a positive memory…as a gift from me to you.
Oh…now, about your investment.
If you were to meet me face to face for coaching on how to manage stress, the minimum package would cost you $500. But I won’t charge you that much because I want to reach out to as many people as possible and that amount could be a stretch to some individuals.
And the fact that it’s a digital program, you can play it as many times as possible unlike the one-2-one session. Naturally, you will find yourself mastering the material and applying them in your life. As you imagine yourself being calmer and managing stress in a much better way.
And because I am determined to see you enjoy all the benefits, I am willing to bend over backwards to entice you to take action now by offering you a quick action bonus…
Overcoming setbacks master class ($97 value)
This is priceless because one of the causes of stress happens when a setback strikes. Master setbacks and you shall crush stress.
Hot opportunity
Guess what, for a limited time, instead of my typical $500. You have a rare opportunity to access this now at a fraction – just $27.
When you look at the costs of stress – from dis-ease to frustration, you will agree with me that it’s a tiny investment to reap the benefits of peace of mind, joy and happiness.
You see, you can either keep doing the same thing and experience more pain, pulling out your hair because of stress or…
You can finally decide to take charge of your life and say good bye to stress forever and enjoy more smiles instead. As you imagine that, eventually you will realise that it makes sense to take care of yourself by making smart investments like these because you deserve a calmer life, isn’t it?
And if you go ahead and claim your 60 days guarantee right away, then I will instantly send you

Another bonus…
You will get access to the transcripts and audio version of the program ($97 value) which means to you that the material will get to be deeply ingrained in you because of accessing it in multiple formats – video, audio and text. You could listen to the audio in your car or while jogging which will make mastery and practice even easier.
I bet the choice between stress and happiness is a clear one.
Make it today.
And I am looking forward to your calmness and happiness.

Ethan Musolini
Motivational speaker, coach, author and HR consultant.
P.S It’s a simple and small decision to make today when you say “yes” because you have up to 60 days to take this breakthrough program for a test drive and if you don’t feel happier and calmer, then, you will get all your money back.