Effective Negotiation Masterclass Coaching By Ethan Musolini

“Almost every meeting is a negotiation and yet I never feel absolutely sure on how to go about different negotiations” a coaching client of mine asserted. She commands an annual budget of around $50 million USD. Her wish was to find a way to master negotiations.

It made sense because almost every time we met was a ‘strategy’ session on how to negotiate better. Whereas I enjoyed the sessions since I love trouble shooting and she always returned from her negotiations with a smile on her face, I sensed it was not sustainable. One day, I felt enough was enough and I made decision to craft a system and a process of negotiation that would be used by people like her and yet robust enough to be used in different settings by anyone to get amazing results.

And that’s how “Effective negotiation masterclass” was born. This is a master blueprint with frameworks and strategies on how to enter any negotiation with incredible confidence and a sense of being in charge of your destiny and outcomes hence ultimately dramatically increasing your chances of getting what you ultimately want.

As you use the system, you will feel a sense of calm, control and joy as you start seeing the positive results from your negotiations while maintaining good relations with those you are negotiating against.

This is based on practical results from practitioners who have had varied experiences especially those whose negotiations are a matter of life or death…a case in point is FBI frameworks used when they are negotiating kidnapping situations which are high stakes, high pressure and yet lives must be spared. Now, imagine what kind of results you can produce with such a process amidst situations that are not as life and death but a business deal, a salary raise or a project?

What It Is

A 10-week online (and also extra one-2-one coaching if you choose an gold package) negotiation masterclass program for high flying executives and entrepreneurs who are involved in many negotiations whose results matter and as such desire to be effective negotiators in their personal, professional and business lives. In other words, to be in control of the outcomes by knowing what to exactly do or avoid to get a deal done.

Why Is This Important To You?

If you look at the results you have produced in your life, something will become very clear…you got what you negotiated for. Life is a negotiation. Your career is a negotiation. Your business is a negotiation. Those who are equipped with great negotiation skills move ahead in all aspects of their life faster and create better results.

They move through life and any business they conduct with a sense of control – that might as well be with you. And when you feel that you are in control, your confidence shoots through the roof and of course your results are much better in all aspects of your life as a result.

What You Get (Content)

Week 1

  • Why you must master negotiation and how to position yourself in the game of negotiation
  • Why no is not an answer to accept and what you should do instead
  • Why hearing YES quickly could be a stumbling block and how to go about it

Week 2

  • The right behaviours during a negotiation – this will give you a tremendous edge
  • How to stay clear from the nagging “May be” answer and how to push for a firm decision instead

Week 3

  • Emotional mastery during negotiation and why this matters more than your content. Emotion is the biggest lever when it comes to decision making. Finally find out what you need to do or avoid to have great results in your negotiation.

Week 4

  • The art of winning in any negotiation
  • The core state you ought to maintain to be a winner in negotiations

Week 5

  • How to use questions to control negotiations in your favour
  • When to be quiet and why that could work in your favour

Week 6

  • The myth of win-win and what elite negotiators actually do instead
  • The secrets to creating a compelling mission and purpose during negotiations

Week 7

  • The art of turning around negotiations that are not going your way. Discover the secrets to getting back on successful negotiation highway.

Week 8

  • Effective negotiation frameworks which you can use in different contexts

Week 9

  • The checklist worth holding close to your chest – before, during and after a negotiation

Week 10

  • The Harvard negotiation checklist that will make you preparations and execution super effective

How Will It Be Delivered

Online using zoom with question and answer session at the end. If you are not able to attend, no worries because all the sessions will be recorded for future review.

For the gold package, in addition to the above, you will also have one-2-one sessions.


Every Tuesday 9pm – 10pm for 10 weeks starting 3rd September/2019

When Can I Expect Results?

From the first session, you will start looking at negotiations with new eyes. By the fourth module, you will start experiencing new powers. By the time we are done (10th session), you would have gained rock solid confidence and strategies that will enable you to walk into any negotiation situation prepared and ready to produce amazing results. You will become a negotiation machine. Effective negotiation will become your new way of being.


Let me ask you a question, what is one great deal worth to you? As you let that thought sink in, you will naturally discover that over time, being equipped with effective negotiation skills is priceless because once you have a skill, it’s with you for life…ultimately meaning a lifetime of incredible benefits.


If by the end of the program you feel that you are not getting at least double the value of what you paid for the master class, then, you will get 100% of your money back


You will get digital copies of my two best selling products

  • Confidence ($97 value)
  • Building Your courage ($97 value)

The two bonuses will boost your self-confidence and courage to ask for what you are worth or what you feel you deserve in your context. More confidence and courage alone are worth whatever you are about to invest.

Investment Required

Gold package – includes the basic package (online version) PLUS One-2-one coaching …meaning an extra 45 – 60 minutes (10 face to face sessions or skype/zoom/phone) … for specialized attention and customization. It could even be to prepare for your next big negotiation – $2,500

Basic package – all the 10 weeks sessions online plus access to the recordings for future use – $500

What makes this different?

This is a practical masterclass where you will be able to immediately apply the lessons in your day-today engagements.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Besides coaching several executives and entrepreneurs to prepare and successfully execute different negotiations, I have been personally involved in high stakes negotiations. From getting contracts and engagements from world class organisations like Coca Cola and UN agencies in 25 countries to running a business since 2004, I have seen it all. Besides, as an entrepreneur, employer, facilitator, coach, speaker, father, husband I am engaged in negotiations on a daily basis which gives me a richer dimension about different aspects of life, work and business. I am a gifted teacher and my ultimate fulfillment is in seeing lives transform and light bulbs switched on when am sharing practical insights and strategies

I recall one day when I was involved in a very serious negotiation and using one of the strategies I will be sharing with you, I was able to generate a contract worth an extra 15% in revenue. Now, imagine what kind of results you can produce if you had more than 10 of such strategies?

I can also recall several moments I have saved money instead in a business or personal environment.

How To Book

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OR Call – 256 772 936361/256 759303129


 Payment Methods

Cash, Bank Transfer/deposit (Bank details to be provided upon request)/Cheque

Mobile money – Numbers provided upon request

Come to Success Africa office at Impala House on 6th Floor (opposite KCCA)


About Ethan Musolini aka “Merchant of Success

Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a human resource development consultant, motivational speaker and a success coach committed to enabling organizations and individuals to maximize their potential. A training consultant for British Council since 2004, he has successfully consulted for other organizations like Barclays Bank, World Vision, MTN, UN agencies, World Bank and Coca Cola among others.

He holds a BA (Social Sciences) from Makerere University. He represented Ugandan at the Common Wealth Youth Forum in 1997 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked with The International Leadership Institute as the Deputy Country Director. He has been self-employed since September 2003 as a motivational speaker, Human Resource Trainer and life/career coach.

He has authored transformational books like Confidence and Self Esteem Secrets Exposed, Get Motivated in 30 Seconds or Less, Wisdom and Success Quotes (co-authored) and Public Speaking Secrets Exposed. A pioneer of the Motivational speaking industry in Uganda, He has produced 36 video based training programmes with emphasis on soft skills’ areas like exceptional performance, business and social etiquette among others. Ethan has developed, facilitated and delivered trainings in 25 countries for corporate and non-governmental sectors in the areas of leadership, communication, sales, personal development, stress management, public speaking, work life balance, customer service, confidence and self-esteem.

Since 2008, he has been writing a weekly column in Monitor Newspaper titled Succeeding whose sole purpose is to expose the potential within all of us and how to unleash it for greatness. He appears on NTV (Uganda) every week day with his inspirational programme – 3 Minute Power Pump. He is a mentor and coach on the Africa Entrepreneurship Award. He is a Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian and vice team leader for Rotary Vijana Poa in district 9211 (Uganda and Tanzania) whose vision is to have “every youth working” by equipping them with employ-ability and entrepreneurship skills. Ethan loves traveling, playing with his family, reading, celebrating the gift of life and having a good laugh.

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