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Amidst challenging times like the ones we are living in, there are 5 keys to focus on that will give you a competitive edge.


One, is keeping a positive mindset because how you think will affect everything.


Two, is mastering how to manage stress because there is a lot going on that is bothersome.


Three, finding ways to turn setbacks into comebacks because almost everyone has had something not gone right.


Four, staying as valuable as humanly possible in the job that you are engaged in because your number one goal is to add value where you are working in order to enable the organization you are working with to stay afloat.


Five, a community or space where you can go for daily personal and professional growth because you need to better yourself consistently to move ahead.



One, for a limited time, I am giving away FREE access to four products that will help you and your team deal with the first four keys I have highlighted.


Two, I am going to be hosting 40 live web classes on life and career transformation. Delivered on Zoom for 40 consecutive days starting Monday 5th July, 2021 to 13th August 2021. Absolutely free when you or your team attend live.


For years, people have paid for the information products you are about to access. In my 18 years of doing this kind of transformational work full time, I have never delivered these many (40) web classes for free. And yet…


I believe in my heart that it’s time to go an extra mile and chip in with what I can, with what I have in moments like these.


During challenging times, you can choose to be bitter or better. You will be given the strategies and tactics to emerge out of all this a better person by the end of the 40 days.



What topics/Subjects will you cover?

  • The Art Of Persuasion-How To Get Anyone To Buy Your Products, Ideas And Services 
  • How To Achieve a Win-Win in Any Workplace Conflict 
  • Managing Change For Success 
  • Creating a Winning Corporate Culture
  • Motivating Employees Beyond Money 
  • How To Become People-Smart; Inter-Personal Intelligence 
  • Personal Branding For Success 
  • Personal Marketing Secrets Exposed
  • Business Telephone Etiquette That Works 
  • How To Grow And Keep a Positive Attitude For a Successful Life
  • How To Reconnect With Your Purpose And Reach For Greatness
  • Unlocking Courage Within You
  • Mastering Body Language
  • Secrets To Your Happiness 
  • How To Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks And Leverage Diversity 
  • Anger Management Secrets 
  • Overcoming Procrastination 
  • Habits Of A Genius
  • Harnessing The Power Of a True Sense Of Urgency 
  • How To Overcome Any Challenge And Achieve Unlimited Success
  • Become a Skilled Listener 
  • How To Get Rid Of Scattered Focus And Achieve More
  • How To Deal With a Difficult Boss
  • The Art Of Effective Meetings
  • Work Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Team Building For Success
  • Stress Management Mastery
  • Social And Business Etiquette 
  • Productivity Secrets Exposed
  • Outstanding Customer Service Secrets Exposed
  • How To Supercharge Your Confidence
  • How To Pass a Job Interview
  • How To Become an Effective Supervisor
  • Goal Setting Dynamics
  • Effective Feedback For Managers 
  • Creativity And Innovation
  • Become The Most Valuable Employee
  • Attaining Exceptional Performance
  • Master Self Motivation The Key To Consistent Performance

How Will It Be Conducted

Once you sign up, you will receive emails with access details on the day of the training with a zoom link to attend the webclass.


Platform - Zoom


Date – 5th July, 2021 – 13th August 2021


Time – 4pm – 6pm East African Time


Frequency – Daily (Monday – Sunday)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sure this is really free for all the 40 sessions?

YES, all the 40 sessions will be free so long as you attend live. All you need to do is enter your first name and email. Then, you will be receiving ZOOM login information on a daily basis in your email.

Can I invite my friend?

Yes, you can. Just direct them to visit this webpage to enter their name and email. Then, they will be receiving login information to attend on a daily basis.

When will the recorded products be available?

These will be available within 24-48 hours after each free live webclass and ready to be accessed by those interested in purchasing the recorded versions.

What if I miss the live webclass?

Well, there will be an opportunity for you to purchase the recording of the same class. There is also a special offer on how you can access all the 40 recordings. You can get that information after signing up with your name and email on this page. The good news is that even if you attended one FREE webclass, it will be worth it for you.

What if I want the recordings for review?

Then you will have to invest by purchasing the recordings. By the way, when you attend live, you will get a limited time special offer with a bigger discount on a private/special link. But that’s a secret I am keeping for only those who will be attending for FREE live. Your jaw will drop once you discover the special offer.

Unlock Life & Career Secrets Plus 4 FREE Transformational Product.

  • Become the most valuable employee
  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Turning setbacks into comebacks
  • Stress Management Mastery

By Entering Your First Name & Email.


“…I would recommend Ethan’s mentorship and coaching any day…”

Looking back, I can clearly trace the benefits I have derived from the life and career coaching program with Ethan and I would definitely recommend it to anyone…it’s a fantastic program. If you are looking to progress in certain areas of your life, you need to walk with a mentor and Ethan has been that mentor for me. I would recommend Ethan’s mentorship and coaching any day”

Pamela NatambaPamela Natamba Partner, PWC Uganda.

Unlock Life & Career Secrets Plus 4 FREE Transformational Product.

  • Become the most valuable employee
  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Turning setbacks into comebacks
  • Stress Management Mastery

By Entering Your First Name & Email.

Executive Coach, Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Author Since 2003

About Ethan Musolini

Ethan Musolini aka “Merchant of Success”


Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a human resource development consultant, motivational speaker and a success coach committed to enabling organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.  A training consultant for British Council between 2004 - 2014, he has successfully consulted for other organizations like Barclays Bank, World Vision, MTN, UN agencies, World Bank and Coca Cola among others.


He represented Ugandan at the Common Wealth Youth Forum in 1997 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked with The International Leadership Institute as the Deputy Country Director. He has been running a transformational business since September 2003 as a motivational speaker, Human Resource Trainer and life/career and executive coach.


He has authored transformational books like Public Speaking Secrets Exposed, Confidence and Self Esteem Secrets Exposed, Get Motivated in 30 Seconds or Less and Wisdom and Success Quotes (co-authored). A pioneer of the Motivational speaking industry in Uganda, He has produced 41 video based training programmes with emphasis on soft skills’ areas like exceptional performance, business and social etiquette among others. Ethan has developed, facilitated and delivered trainings in 25 countries for corporate and non-governmental sectors in the areas of leadership, communication, sales, personal development, stress management, public speaking, work life balance, customer service, confidence and self-esteem.


Since 2008, he has been writing a weekly column in Monitor Newspaper titled Succeeding whose sole purpose is to expose the potential within all of us and how to unleash it for greatness. He appears on NTV (Uganda) every week day with his inspirational programme – 3 minute power pump. He is a mentor and coach on the Africa Entrepreneurship Award. He is a Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian and vice team leader for Rotary Vijana Poa in district 9211 (Uganda and Tanzania) whose vision is to have “every youth working” by equipping them with employability and entrepreneurship skills. Ethan loves travelling, playing with his family, reading, celebrating the gift of life and having a good laugh.

Unlock Life & Career Secrets Plus 4 FREE Transformational Product NOW Worth ($388 Value.

  • Become the most valuable employee
  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Turning setbacks into comebacks
  • Stress Management Mastery

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