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December 11, 2020
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January 2, 2021
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Let Your Money Make Sense To You

A friend once shared a story. He was at a wedding meeting with the Late Mulwaana (RIP). This colleague of mine pledged 200,000/= and he later found out that Mulwaana had also pledged 200,000/=. He said, “Something must be wrong.” He was right because his income was way inferior to Mulwaana’s.

What is the lesson?

Making money requires a lot of hard work, patience and resilience. On the other side, spending money comes to a lot easier. What is disturbing is, after we make money we spend a lot of it on other people, trying to make them happy and we reward ourselves last.

We pay school fees for others. We contribute for functions (Baby shower, kukyaala, introduction, Bridal shower, wedding, birthdays… seriously?), buy gifts for others and a lot more while taking care of ourselves last.

Guess what, even where you don’t contribute and or help, people don’t die and functions still go on well. Somehow when you say “No” they find other ways of getting money. Don’t try to be nice to everyone.

Get me right, I am not saying you stop being compassionate; this is what I am saying:

How about rewarding yourself first? How about buying yourself something nice before you start dishing out your money to people who don’t even care should tough times come upon you? How about taking yourself out? How about focusing on completing that money generating project first? How about letting your money make sense to you first?