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November 17, 2020
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How To Pursue Wholeness

Wholeness speaks to a state of completion in all aspects of your life; career, spiritual, fun, health, finance, family and love.

A whole person will experience pain, struggle, loss, and broken relationships but they will know that wholeness isn’t dependent upon life’s circumstances. When you are whole, you are able to find comfort
within the discomforts of life.

Wholeness enables you to live from a sense of deep self-worth, you will love and appreciate others and start to value their deep and intricate uniqueness and worth. You will be able to trust the world around you
leading you to become more confident and credible.

3 Ways To Attain Wholeness;

1) Honestly evaluate yourself. Are you happy with your life as is? Do you believe you can be capable
of much more than what the current situation suggests? Are you willing to face your limitations? Dr Phil
McGraw says, “You cannot change anything you are not willing to acknowledge”

2) Knowing and accepting your limitations and vulnerabilities as well as recognizing areas of personal
excellence and drawing inspiration from such areas to strengthen the weaker areas will help increase your esteem, hence, putting your strengths to their fullest potential.

3) Admit you don’t know it all and seek out those that have more of what you lack. This will help you become a champion of who you are.

Just like excellence, wholeness is worth pursuing for a fuller happier you