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February 5, 2021
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Embrace Yourself

embrace yourself

Our firstborn is 6 years. She is a perfectionist and as such hates making a mistake. Sometimes she cries when something goes wrong. She typically wants to be in good books with others and her standards.

I believe that as we mature, that essence of always wanting to be good, to be great, to be accepted stays with us. It’s great to have all those qualities especially if things are going your way.

The challenge is when you feel so attached to the positive results you yearn for and things don’t go your way. In that moment, you may feel so bad.

That kind of emotion is not good at both emotional and psychological level because that sends negative chemicals in your body that are not desirable.

What then is the solution? Embrace yourself. This is what I mean. For example, for the third time, you may have messed up or missed the mark. There are usually two options to pursue. You may beat yourself up or forgive and embrace yourself.

If you pursue the path of constantly beating yourself up and cursing yourself, it depletes your energy and peace. If you choose to embrace yourself, your self-esteem will stay intact and you will have more energy.

How can you do this? Tell yourself how you still love and appreciate yourself regardless. Remind yourself that you are still a great person regardless of the outcome.

Keep talking to yourself in a positive way because it’s only you that you’ve got. There has never been one like you and there will never be another person like you.

You are special regardless. Remember that always. Start by embracing yourself. Be blessed – always.

Written By Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, motivational speaker, HR consultant and success coach but first appeared in daily monitor Uganda 

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