“How a Skinny Orphan Finally Overcame His Shyness And Low Self-esteem To Become Super Confident And How You Can Do The Same”

When I was about the age of 8, I remember being told that my head was like that of a grinding stone. That was my first hit at doubting my body shape. This continued up to university where I felt uncomfortable at my legs…I told myself that “my legs were too small”

In my teenage years, I was shy especially around strangers. I almost never talked with people I didn’t know. I felt uncomfortable and awkward. Sometimes the voices in my head were like…

“What if they don’t respond?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

Oh, when I was about the age of 15, I attempted to ‘befriend’ a beautiful girl and she crushed my advances. This bruised my identity to a point of believing that I wasn’t good enough for the opposite sex.

This carried on even up to university where I never dated any lady even though deep inside I really wanted. But the negative inner invoices took over. This made me feel like I was not worthy and was filled with regret after regret over missed opportunities in relationships, taking up leadership positions, starting businesses, connecting to influential personalities…

Having come from a very poor background made feel like a second class citizen. Add to the fact that I was an orphan by the age of 17, it crushed my self-esteem even further.



At around the age of 23, I noticed that I didn’t have a girlfriend, no steady job, low self-image of myself, no happiness…it’s at that moment, when I felt enough was enough. I was literally tired of my life not working out the way I wanted it to be. I was tired of feeling like a failure.

Instead, this is what I wanted…

I wanted to feel like I mattered.

I wanted to talk and connect to anyone I wanted without any fear.

I wanted to be bolder and take on bigger risks.

I wanted to appreciate and feel good about myself

 But there was a problem…

I didn’t know where to turn to for answers. But I was determined. It’s true that where there is a will, there is a way. And when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I kept searching for answers. I started accessing books, attending seminars, CDs, DVDs and most importantly testing out the different ideas in the field especially talking to strangers. I later started to find my feet

Through my searching, one of my core discoveries was that there is greatness inside me and I just have to believe in myself and let it out.

Fast forward to today…

I can speak to anyone I choose to and hold a steady conversation for as long as I wish to.

I have delivered talks/facilitated sessions in 25 African countries, UK, USA and Kazakhstan.

I have published books (one of them Confidence and self-esteem secrets exposed where I first shared my breakthrough discoveries in 2007) and produced over 40 video based training products.

I have been self-employed since November 2003 consulting and training both local and international organisations.

I am media personality with regular appearances on TV, radio and a weekly column in Monitor Newspaper since 2008.

And lots more than I can explain in the little time we have together.

The X-factor of confidence and self esteem

I can assure you that all the above and more couldn’t have happened without a solid foundation in confidence and self-esteem.

Without confidence and self-esteem…

People won’t believe in you hence missed opportunities whether in employment or business

You won’t dream big because of low self-worth

But when you believe in yourself and your self -esteem is solid, then, the world had better watch out because…

You are happier

You go after big goals with confidence

You talk to people who you previously feared to connect with

You feel good about yourself

You challenge people in an assertive manner without appearing as rude or proud.

And the possibilities are unlimited

Now, one of the biggest needs I have noticed among my clients is confidence and self-esteem. It’s a question I receive often. That’s why one of my first books, eleven years ago was on the same topic – confidence and self-esteem. That’s why I decided to create a power packed and info-rich teleclass series on the same subject.

And if you’ve read this far, then, there is a reason why. I believe that you and I are supposed to connect somehow at some level. It means you are ready and I have appeared now.

Now announcing….

Confidence and Self-Esteem Secrets Exposed Mastery Eclass.

Module 1 – How to overcome the fear of public speaking

Module 2 – Symptoms and Causes of low self-esteem and confidence …and overcoming your negative past

Module 3 – Rewiring your mind towards a more confident you

Module 4 – Developing habits of super confident personalities with high self esteem

Module 5 – Assertiveness and giving challenging feedback without hurting people or appearing as arrogant or proud

Module 6 – Creating more awareness in your life

How it will be delivered

Online. You will get an access page where you will be able to listen to the recordings of the class or download the actual recordings. You will instantly have access to all the recordings.


Please note that I charge $300 – $500 per session if you are to meet me to access such wisdom. That means, the real world value for the 6 sessions is at least $1,800. But you don’t have to pay anywhere near that.

For a limited time, you can access this amazing package for just $27.

Why such a low price?

Because I want to reach out to as many people as possible and I know that not everyone is ready to pay hundreds of dollars.

Secondly, my prayer is that once you test the incredible value that I have to offer as such a low price, then, you will be hooked for life and buy my other products and coaching services.

If you have landed on this page in time, then, take advantage of this moment now because you will have your transformed life to thanks for a small investment. You definitely deserve more confidence and self-esteem.


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    100% money back guarantee

    Here is my challenge to you – Focus on the actions I will give you in each module. Focus on practicing what you would have learned in each module. If you don’t see a dramatic difference in your self-confidence and self-esteem within 5 week or less, then, ask for all you money back and your will receive 100% of your money back – guaranteed.

    P.S Quite frankly, this could be one of the best investments that you will ever make because people who have more confidence and self-esteem attract more promotions, money, great friends and are generally happier than an average person…look around you and you will notice how true this is. How would you like to be the next confident person with incredible self-esteem?

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    Let’s share what’s possible through more confidence and self-esteem.

    Ethan Musolini