Ask For Something Big

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August 1, 2022
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August 4, 2022
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Ask For Something Big

One morning, my wife requested that I add some little juice for our daughter. Her response? “Mummy, but I want biggggg”. What she really meant was that she wanted a lot of juice, not a little.

Because in her world, why little when you can have ‘big’? I like that mindset. I hope she keeps it throughout her life. Because it is a great metaphor for life. If you ask for little, you are most likely to get little. If you ask for big things, chances are high that you will also get big results. Please note that I have talked of chances and not guarantees. And that alone is powerful.
I overheard someone say we all have an ocean before us. It is up to the individual to determine what kind of utensil you go with to fetch water. Some may carry a spoon, another a bucket, some a jerrycan, and some a big drum. Some…. I am sure you get the drift of the idea. It is powerful! I have seen some professionals charging 10 times what I charge. I have also seen others charge 10 times less than what I charge. Is there a 10-time difference in terms of performance? I doubt it. It is in the mindset. The attitude. This then affects the asking. To either ask for small things or big things. I know that I still have a long way to ask for bigger things. Of course, I am better than where I was five years ago. Way better than where I was 10 years ago. I also know that I can still do much better along this line of thought. Over to you my friend. Have you been asking for little things or big things? Have you been dreaming of small dreams or big dreams? Can you dream bigger? Can you ask for bigger things?
It is a wake up call. A challenge. A reminder. To demand more from yourself and then in turn demand more from the world. And this last sentence is critical. Because you also have to demand in line with what kind of value you bring to the market. What I mean is that you cannot just wake up one day and make outrageous demands when the actual results or value you bring to the marketplace is laughable. If you do, then you will be laughed at indeed. You may even turn out to be a laughing stock. And that is not what you would want to see happen to your personal brand. What needs to happen before you ask for bigger things?

Scan the market
The market is your research lab. You could be worth much more than what you are actually demanding. You could be operating from a state of fear or desperation and not reality. Ask beyond your immediate neighbors and friends. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Become more
To get more, you have to first become more. More skills. More abilities. A bigger attitude. A stronger character. When you do, bigger opportunities automatically come. It may not happen today, but it will.

Boost your self-worth
Work on your self-worth. Your self-esteem and confidence. You have to feel worthy of something before you can go for it. Like yourself more. Appreciate yourself more and remind yourself that you deserve more.

If you do all the above and do not ask, then you will miss the mark. The time comes when you have to gather some courage and ask for that big something which you feel you deserve. Go forth and ask… big time!

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First published by Daily Monitor Uganda