Attention: Ambitious Individuals Who Want To Make 2021 The Best Year Ever

“Excellerate Your Life In A World Of Uncertainty” To Stability In All The Important Areas Of Life In 90 Days or Less.

“If You want to succeed, then, you have to intentionally give your dreams, attention, focus and energy” Ethan Musolini

Imagine what your life could be in 2021 if you invested your first 90 days into absolute focus to make it so successful to a point where you declared “this has been the best year of my life”

Do you sometimes wish things were better?

Do you sometimes wish you were happier?

Do you sometimes wish you were healthier?

Do you sometimes wish you were lovelier?

Do you sometimes wish you were wealthier?

Do you sometimes wish you were wiser?

Do you sometimes wish that this year or the next could be the best ever?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then, I have some bad and good news for you.

The bad news is that just wishing won’t get you there.

The good news is that it’s possible to experience all those intentions if you work on yourself, do what is necessary and don’t give up.

To do that though, you need a plan, a platform and a personality/coach to support you in your journey.

I will shortly tell you what such a plan and platform is. And I am the personality or coach.

Let me explain.


My name is Ethan Musolini. I am a business, executive, communications and transformation coach. I am also a motivational speaker, author, HR consultant and trainer since September 2003. Here is my back story though which you may not know.

I was born in a very poor environment. 60% of the year meant having one meal a day. I tested what a real mattress is when I went to boarding school. I had very low self-esteem and confidence. In fact, I felt like a second-class citizen whenever I would compare myself with our neighbours.

I lost my mum when I was 9 years old. I lost my father when I was 17 years. And because he was tailor, when he passed on, it meant zero income for the family.

Luckily, my father’s friends contributed money for me to finish high school and made it to Makerere University on Government sponsorship.

While at University, I met my first mentor who taught me the value of taking charge of one’s life. From goal setting, time management to being positive, he opened my eyes to the world of personal development.

In fact, his (my first mentor the later Dr. Gerald Sseruwagi) first gift was a book by Ben Carson titled THINK BIG.

I discovered a world of self determination and what it takes to be a success in life. I made a decision to be a voice of success in 1998 while at the university (the same year I met my mentor).

First track to today, I have been in 25 countries, published books, been in the business of transforming lives and organisations as a coach, trainer and consultant full time since 2003.

I have coached successful CEOs, Entrepreneurs, lawyers and all kinds of high performing individuals. For organizations, I have consulted for UN agencies, Coca Cola, banks, telecoms, World Vision among others.

Now I know you may be thinking…” Alright, Ethan, I can clearly see that you are the right personality to help me move forward, but how about the plan and the platform?”

Fair question. And that’s where the…

90 Day Life Success Challenge Coaching Program comes in.

Before I reveal the details, there is something you need to know that inspired the 90 days concept.

A couple of years ago, I was invited to speak at an event for a prominent bank and the idea for the team was a 100 days campaign.

There were specific goals and it had to be relentless.

I got insider information that it was always a successful move because of the power of intense focus.

So, I thought to myself, if it can work for an institution, imagine what it can do for the individual if focused for 90 days. Now Introducing…

90 Day Life Success Challenge Coaching Program

What it is

A 90 days kick start program to excellerate all aspects of your life so that you get going in high gear during the first quarter of 2021. And of course, a good beginning leads to a great ending.

Why should you consider it?

If you believe in the concept of hitting the ground running, then, this is for you because we are going to get into action mode for achievement from the word go. What this means for you is…while other people will be getting ready to get ready for the year during the first quarter, you will be looking back in gratitude for what you would have achieved and asking yourself – what’s the next level now?

How you will benefit

  • You will get a PLAN on how to succeed in different areas of your life from health, wealth, career, spirituality, fun, contribution, love…
  • You will have a PLATFORM where you will access cutting edge content to move you forward and faster on a daily basis
  • You will have the PERSONALITY/COACH…and that’s me to cheer you and challenge you at the same time to let the best version of yourself come out, arise and shine in 2021 in glorious ways.
  • You will have more confidence and certainty in your capacity to navigate the uncertain times because of the incredible tools and strategies you will be handed on how to thrive in 2021.

Who it’s for

Ambitious individuals who are willing to do the inner and outer work to succeed and know that it takes an investment of time, energy, resources and focus to succeed at a higher level.

What makes it different

  • Healing and resolving internal blocks at a mental and emotional level. You see, what you do is the visible which accounts for 10% of your success but what ultimately drives your success or failure is the invisible – your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. That’s what makes or breaks anything in life, career or business. The good news is that on each live session, I will be available to help you identify, resolve and heal what’s been holding you back permanently so that you move forward faster and effortlessly.
  • Install the mindsets at a subconscious level that will propel you forward to achieve stellar world class results in different areas of your life.
  • Daily coaching slot to shift your perspective on what it takes to up-level yourself to move to the next tier in your life.
  • Action is driven because at the end of each session there is a task to execute so that you can embody what you have learned so that you produce desired results in the real world
  • Accountability – you will be required to report on a daily basis what you achieved because this will push you to get things done and that’s where the actual results will show up
  • Community – you will be part of an exclusive Facebook group where you can post your experiences, questions, get support and also interact with other like-minded achievers

How it will be conducted

10-15 minutes of content on what it takes to succeed in different areas of your life.

10 minutes of hot seats – live coaching where you can highlight any key issue where you need my perspective or advice.

Delivered on zoom – recorded and shared with you for review and mastery


Dates 4th January – 31st March 2021 (Monday – Friday)

Time – 1:00pm – 1:25pm (EAT)

You may be wondering as to why the short sessions. One, it’s daily I want to keep it short, snappy and action-oriented. Ultimately, what matters the most is not the amount of information but transformation…and that will be my main focus. Two, because it’s daily, if it’s too much information, then, the chances for overwhelm are high which is not ideal. Three, it’s not about the quantity but quality that matters and my guarantee is that you will receive world-class quality to enable you produce world class results.


900,000 UGX ($245) or 3 payments of 400,000 UGX ($108) – if you pay by 31st Dec/2020

From 1st Jan 2020 1,800,000 UGX ($490) or 3 payments of 800,000 UGX ($216)

How to enroll

Call Daniel on +256 777073822/+256 705 838733(WhatsApp)

Payment Methods

Cash, Bank Transfer/deposit (Bank details to be provided upon request)/Cheque

Mobile money – Numbers provided upon request

Paypal – – Paypal email will be provided upon request


Succeed Like Crazy video training program


“…I would recommend Ethan’s mentorship and coaching any day”

“…I was at that point in my career where I felt things were not very clear, my focus was not well defined, I had not articulated my goals as to where I wanted to go in my life for the next couple of years. So, I went and met Ethan. We got to talk about my career, my life and where I am at. I didn’t even know what I exactly wanted him to help me with. But as I spoke with him, he helped me define the areas I needed to look at. It was very clear from the first conversation that I needed to walk this journey with Ethan. I needed someone to help coach me on my career journey, define my purpose, my goals and be very specific on what I wanted to achieve in my career and beyond. That’s how we started…we dealt with many things from life and career coaching perspective…one of the things I really learned from Ethan is to be very deliberate in life. You don’t just wake up and you are a leader, clear in your purpose, have a roadmap to where you want to get. You have to be very deliberate. He got me to think about various areas of my life from finances, physical and mental health, spiritual matters, family, career…he helped me to set specific goals in each area of my life…and he kept me accountable every time we would meet…looking back, I am now more balanced and deliberate in terms of how I live my life by making sure that there is time for all these things…he also helped with tips on how to sell and market the company plus myself… Looking back I can clearly trace the benefits I have derived from the life and career coaching program with Ethan and I would definitely recommend it to anyone…it’s a fantastic program. If you are looking to progress in certain areas of your life, you need to walk with a mentor and Ethan has been that mentor for me. I would recommend Ethan’s mentorship and coaching any day”

Pamela Natamba

Partner, PWC Uganda.


Either you are absolutely delighted with the coaching program or you will get 100% of your money back To your infinite success

Ethan Musolini                                                                          Executive/Business/Communications/Transformation Coach, Author and HR Consultant

P.S If you want the new or current year to be different, then, you have to be different first. If you stay the same, you will get the same results. If deep inside you feel that things need to change or get better, then, this is your best shot to get there. I will stand in the gap for you, to believe in your greatness and support you uncompromisingly to step into that greatness. I have the tools, the intention and commitment to support you as you architect your present towards the exciting future that you truly deserve. If what I have just said rings a bell, then the 90 Day Life Success Challenge Coaching Program is for you to enrol into and start the journey to your promised land of success.