Attention Entrepreneurs And Sales/Marketing Professionals:

“If You Spend Daily, Then You Should Earn Daily. To Earn Daily, You Have To Market And Sell Daily”

To keep the daily momentum, you need daily practical and cutting-edge information you use right away to produce results, inspiration and motivation to get going every day.

Do you sometimes struggle to get off the couch and sell or market?

Do you sometimes wish you had the courage and the motivation to sell on a daily basis?

Do you sometimes pick the phone and then drop it back instead of making those very crucial phone calls?

Do you sometimes get frustrated by the fact that you know what to do but end up not doing what is necessary to move forward?

Do you sometimes wish you had a platform where you could not only get powerful and practical information but also the inspiration, motivation and kick in the rear to get up and get things done?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then, you are in for a great treat.


My name is Ethan Musolini. I am a business, executive, communications and transformation coach. I am also a motivational speaker, author, HR consultant and trainer since September 2003.

About 2008, one of my staff members recounted an event that caught my attention.

“My former manager one time said to me – If you spend daily, then, you should earn daily”

Makes sense isn’t it.

That statement stuck me with me over the years.

I later made one fundamental conclusion…

To earn daily, then, one must market and sell daily.

If that’s true, then, there are a couple of conditions that need to take place

  1. Practical and effective information one can use right away to get a positive result
  2. Motivation and inspiration to keep going
  3. Accountability so that there is follow through with the commitments and application of the information learnt.

I later asked myself this question…

Wouldn’t it be nice if I create a platform that caters for all the above three qualities especially at a critical time like this of the year?

Hence the birth of the 90 Days Sales And Marketing Challenge

What it is

A 90 days program that will equip you with practical sales and marketing strategies and tactics to get the cash register ringing. A sprint to enable you to kickstart 2021 on a high.

Why should you consider it?

If sometimes the sales numbers are not exciting to you, then, it’s time to consider a change in strategy and most importantly, a change in environment. Talking about the environment, imagine being in a community that talks and breathes revenue performance for 90 days straight. And not only that, being handed the tools and insights to move forward, what kind of difference would that make in your life and performance?

How you will benefit

  • Increase in revenue
  • Increase in your confidence and ability to make sales
  • Access to recordings for review and mastery
  • Start 2021 on a high note and a good beginning will lead to a great ending to the year

Who it’s for

Sales and marketing professionals

Business owners and entrepreneurs

What makes it different

  • Healing and resolving internal blocks at a mental and emotional level. You see, what you do is the visible which accounts for 10% of your success but what ultimately drives your success of failure if the invisible – your mental, emotional and spiritual success. That’s makes or breaks sales or anything in life, career or business. The good news is that on each live session, I will be available to help you identify, resolve and heal what’s been holding you back permanently.
  • Install the mindsets at a subconscious level that will propel you forward to achieve stellar world class performances.
  • Daily coaching slot to shift your perspective on what it takes to close deals quicker and faster
  • Action is driven because at the end of each session there is a task to execute so that you can embody what you have learned so that you produce desired results in the real world
  • Accountability – you will be required to report on a daily basis what you achieved because this will push you to get things done and that’s where the actual results will show up
  • Community – you will be part of an exclusive Facebook group where you can post your experiences, questions, get support and also interact with other like-minded achievers

How it will be conducted

  • 10-15 minutes of content on what it takes to market and sell effectively
  • 10 minutes of hot seats – live coaching which will include role plays or consultations and advice towards solving a challenge or maximizing an opportunity
  • Delivered on zoom – recorded and shared with you for review and mastery


Dates 4th January – 31st March 2021 (Monday – Friday)

Time – 1:30pm – 2pm (EAT)

You may be wondering as to why the short sessions. One, it’s daily I want to keep it short, snappy and action oriented. Ultimately, what matters the most is not the amount of information but transformation…and that will be my main focus. Two, because it’s daily, if it’s too much information, then, the chances for overwhelm are high which is not ideal. Three, it’s not about the quantity but quality that matters and my guarantee is that you will receive world class quality to enable you produce world class results.


900,000 UGX ($245) or 3 payments of 400,000 UGX ($108) – if you pay by 31st Dec/2020

From 1st Jan 2020 1,800,000 UGX ($490) or 3 payments of 800,000 UGX ($216)

How to enroll

Call Daniel on +256 777073822/+256 705 838733(WhatsApp)

Payment Methods

Cash, Bank Transfer/deposit (Bank details to be provided upon request)/Cheque

Mobile money – Numbers provided upon request

Paypal – – Paypal email will be provided upon request


Selling secrets exposed video training program


“Before engaging Ethan Musolini, only 40% of my team were hitting their sales targets. After his sales training, 80% of the team hit their targets within 30 days” Andrew Ntegeka, Managing Director, C&A


Either you are absolutely delighted with the coaching program or you will get 100% of your money back.

To your infinite success

Ethan Musolini                                                                                Executive/Business/Communications/Transformation Coach, Author and HR Consultant