5 Common Job Interview Mistakes – How To Avoid Them

The pressure and tension of job interview sessions makes people commit a number of errors. There are some common mistakes candidate make that knock them out of the running. Find out what they are and how you can avoid them. Explaining too much You may just dri...

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6 Ways To Overcome Your Fears And Start Living The Life You Want

Often times, you are held back from doing things that you want because of fear. Fear can have a crippling effect if you don’t deal with it. It can keep you from living your dreams. Here are 6 ways to beat fear down. Reality check Because you were beaten by a...

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6 Surefire ways to improve your attitude at work and in life-Positive attitude

The day-to-day responsibilities of work and life can be so hectic that you easily resign yourself to negativity. Fatigue can drain the positive energy from you. However life is always going to be full of to-do lists but it doesn’t mean you resort to negativi...

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